Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Best Kind Of Days

I have to tell you all, this is some of my favorite weather. It's freezing cold outside, our grill is basically a block of ice. But that don't bother me none. Why? Because inside we are having a party. Here are a bunch of pictures of all of our indoor adventures.

I walked into David's room the other day after I heard him waking up from his nap. Much to my suprise, Tot had climbed into the crib with him and was pretending to be asleep, even fake snoring. So cute.

Then Tot saw that I was taking pictures and she wanted to try her hand at it. I have to tell you, usually she's not very good at it so I try to keep the camera away from her ;), But this time I made and exception and she actually got a real person in the frame - me :)

Following our camera taking adventure, I thought you would all like to see David's newest trick. Standing! I realized belatedly that it may have sounded like he was standing by his own power all alone in a previous blog of mine, that's not quite it. I meant that he was standing without me holding him directly :) Here are a couple of pictures of our resident champ.

Today we are wrapping up our morning by calming down a little before nap time. We've picked up all the toys, changed diapers and are settling down. I've got a "cave" set up for Tot where she has all her toys and blankets and we are sipping on hot chocolate while watching Monsters, Inc. Strong.

I hope you are all having as good of a day as I am!

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Cheryl said...

Caleb has the same Fisher Price music machine as Little David. It's almost like they're twinkies! :)