Monday, January 22, 2007

Footloose and Fancy Free

Well, Unsinkable Readers, I'm back.

I actually had a lovely visit with my dad and brother, not nearly I had anticipated. As I would always rather things be less dramatic (well, at least family drama), I'm one happy clam.

It turned out to be a rather restful weekend, with a lot of time spent outdoors and moving. My dad and I went on a walk around the lake and even jogged a little. We had a lot of time to talk and it was ever so nice. This picture is of the lake that my dad's house is by. We took a walk along the Hartwell Dam (at least I think that's the name) and it was nice and brisk. I can't tell you how great it was for your Old Unsinkable to get away for awhile. I thought I would be coming home frazzled, but I'm home a lot more peaceful and happy with my life. I had definitely been getting to the edge of burnt out with my staying at home and the kiddo's, something every Mom faces. I had even contemplated going back to work just to get a break from it all. Dave and I had talked about taking a weekend away (pending babysitting, of course) just to charge up the batteries so that life was being enjoyed, not just lived. Oddly enough, God gave me a wonderful break this weekend. I had so much quiet time outside that I finally felt rested.

Later, after our walk around the dam, we drove up to Tallulah Gorge and WOW. It's beautiful and quiet, just what The Unsinkable needed. There is a large set of stairs, 620 to be exact, that lead to a suspension bridge that I got to jump on :) The way down wasn't so bad, and the view is incredible.

But, man, the climb up made me seriously doubt my Unsinkableness. The stairs are straight up and down and there is no rest.

But never fear, I made it to the top with minimal huffing and puffing and with a large feeling of accomplishment.

I rounded out my trip with a lot of time spent with my neice and nephew and just honestly had a great time. I can't begin to say how refreshed I feel and how great God is for giving me this weekend of rest when I was sure I would return feeling sunk.

And this is what I came home to:

It's a pretty good day to be Unsinkable!

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KylaJean said...

I have to tell you how cute your babies are!! I am so glad that you had a much needed vacation. You have inspired me and I started a blog. its Hope the rest of your week goes well.