Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Help An Unsinkable Out

Well Readers, I'm in need of assistance.

I'm dying for some good books to read. I'm looking for something light, really funny, and fast paced. I am SO not in a place for biographies and anything even sort of serious. So bring 'em on - I need the help!


Sarah said...

Hey, I didn't do too bad on your quiz.

For light, funny, and quick reads...I really enjoy Kristin Billerbeck's books - they're Christian "Chick Lit"...I suggest the Ashley Stockingdale series (3 books) or the Spa Girls series (which I've just started)

KylaJean said...

I didn't know what your favorite Starbuck drink is!

I am reading Life with Marley by John Grogan. It is such a great book and I love the way he writes. I just finished Babyville by Jane Green. Marian Keyes books are an easy rea. Its long and kinda wordy but if you are in the mood for something scandalous the The Other Boleyn Sister (not sure on the title but its something like that) by Phillipa Gregory.
I have some of these if you want to come shopping in my bookshelves!!

Chad Gardner said...

Definitely read Marley and Me by John Grogan. It's a hilarious story about the author's adventures through life with his loveable, oversized lab. I have a lab so I was literally laughing until I cried during parts of the book.