Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Tot

Okay, WOW, is my little Tot getting to be SO BIG! It's amazing to me how much she has grown. She can now:

Eat with a Fork and Spoon.
Put on her own shoes.
Put on her own coat.
Pull up her pants.
Pull down her pants (sigh).

Say "My Co-Co-Nut!" when she sees a lime (we're working on this, there was some mild confusion when I began to sing the Lime & The Coconut song at lunch the other day).

Say "More Yummy Sausage Please Daddy"

Count " One Two Ten!" when playing Hide & Go Seek.

Say most of her colors and get them right most of the time (although Blue is her favorite and tends to come out a lot regardless of the real color).

Sing some of the words to the songs she knows (

Sleep in her Big Girl Bed with no problem at all.

Open doors, even if they have child proof covers. Sigh.

Lay beside me in bed and pat my face and say "Awwww I Love Too Mommy" and then pull my eyelid back to make sure I'm not sleeping.

And....she weighs 32 pounds and is over 3 feet tall!! She's basically a giant. But what a cute little giant. I just wanted to share how she's doing with all of you. I tend to tell you her funny mistakes and my frustrations, but there is just so much more! She's hilarious and I thought you should know, she's becoming quite the Unsinkable Tot.

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