Thursday, February 22, 2007

David is SO on the ball!!

So, have I told you all that my husband is the greatest husband in the world?? Not even kidding, he called me today and asked me if I wanted to go to see the Rangers play the Royals on my birthday in September!! Such a planner! I, of course, said yes and then he said we could either sit in the seats we could get for free from his work (they have season tickets behind home plate, 25 rows up - STRONG), or we could sit in the uber exclusive leather seats in the Crown Royal Clubhouse. Since we had the leather seats two years ago for my birthday, I said we could take the work seats and just get a lot of awesome food.

Talk about a great birthday present! A great game, a night without kiddos, and HOT DOGS.

Now, seriously, isn't he the best husband EVER?? Seven months in advance, not too shabby for David!


Okay, are any of you Grey's Anatomy watchers? And are you just DYING waiting to find out what happens tonight?? Please tell me you are and that you will chat with me about it tomorrow. ACK! SO excited!


Sarah said...

I'm so totally pumped about Grey's tonight. I started off watching the current season, so while I'm keeping up with it, I'm also renting Seasons 1 & 2 from Netflix and catching up on the past!

You know what I learned today?

"ABC is preparing a Grey's Anatomy spin-off centered on Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd, the neonatal surgeon played by Kate Walsh, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. The two-hour pilot could run as soon as this May and will be written by Grey's writer and creator Shonda Rhimes."

I smell a bomb, but who knows.

The Queen said...

I can't wait. I love Grey's and I just wanted to cry when Derrick was sitting in the hall worried to death (no pun intended) about Merideth. sheesh.... an hour and a half left to go.....

I think Merideth will go into a coma and dream for a few episodes. We'll get a couple of flashbacks, tears from her friends, and then about 2 episodes later, she'll come out of it and we'll move on to some other crisis.

As for a spin-off.... it could be a bomb if McSteamy stays on Grey's. They will need a great cast and some tasty-looking guys.
(sorry Kristen... momma's gotta have some fun too!)

Unsinkable Kristen said...


Cheryl said...

Um...HELLO!!! Do we not get to celebrate your birthday with you next year?!?!

LBC said...

I might be willing to fly back to the States and babysit for you guys if you'd like. That's right, you are that great of a sister-in-law!

Unsinkable Kristen said...

You guys are the greatest :)

Laura Beth, I would SO be okay with you watching the kids, but you had darn well better be home by then, we miss you!

And Cheryl, you guys can celebrate my birthday with me at lunch! We'll go to Fresca's and get margaritas (and consequently, knock one place off the list) and guacamole, because it's my birthday and that makes it not weird to have a drink at lunch. Laura Beth, you come, too!!

The only requirement is that everyone call me "Unsinkable" all day. That's the best part of my birthday :)