Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day, Here's A Survey!

1. Location of first kiss: Steve Cunningham, I'm pretty sure somewhere at church. That's awful, isn't it?

2. Favorite Valentine Treat: Russell Stovers Chocolate covered Strawberry Marshmellow hearts. Mmmm

3. Worst Valentine Memory: Ugh. Lee Rice and I had just broken up, I was so not okay with it but the day went alright. The next day in Mark Elrods class he asks me "So, did you get anything nice for Valentines Day?" "Nope, no boyfriend, just a card from my parents" (I'm trying to be cool about this) "Nothing? Nothing at all but from your parents?" "Nope. No boyfriend." "Man, that's awful." Gee thanks. I hated him until my senior year when I had him for Western Political Thought and then he became my favorite teacher of all time. Him and Fred Jewell. I love that guy.

4. If you could write your own conversation heart, what would it say? Strong.

5. Flavor never intended to be in a box of chocolates: Booger.

6. If you could kiss one celebrity on Valentine's Day, who would it be? Don't know, there really isn't anyone I wouldn't feel stupid kissing.

7. What would be the perfect Valentine's Day date (distance and money no problem) ? Babysitting all day long, breakfast at Cracker Barrell, walking around Ocracoke Island, lunch at The Backporch, afternoon massages, dinner at Pappadeaux (we're actually doing this one), and then snuggling on the big couch at home with lots of funny tv shows on and chips, chilis queso and our home made salsa.

8. What is your favorite Valentine's flower? Roses and Tulips (David gets me a rose for each Valentines Day together each year. This year I get six!).

9. Favorite Chick Flick: French Kiss

10. Pink or Red? Both!

11. PDA - stare or look away? Too busy with my own PDA, thanks.

12. Wine or champagne? Not a good drinker, reference my wedding toast.

13. Movie in the theater or movie on the couch? Couch, unless it's a huge blockbuster movie that needs a giant screen.

14. What is Cupid's real name? Cameron says Eros, so I'll have to go with that. I have no clue.

15. Lingerie or pj pants? Time and place for both.

16. Your "Cupid's" match for two celebrities (that aren't already a couple): Mandy Moore and Zach Braff, so sad they broke up.

17. Chocolate covered strawberries or whipped cream? Just chocolate thanks, why confuse it with fruit??

18. Best dedication song: Good Morning Beautiful & Better Together & Why Don't We Get Drunk....

19. Best Karaoke love song: You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling

20. Valentine plans: Lots and Lots of errands - taxes, eye appt (for me), picture appt (for the kiddos), groceries and David home ALL DAY LONG!! But on Friday, Dave's parents are watching the kiddos and so we're going to Pappadeaux (mmmmm seafood) and getting crawfish. Mmm. I already gave David his present, a sampler of Davidoff cigars (I'm a beast) and he was going to get me a massage but I asked for a dinner without kids instead. I'd rather have dinner with him than anything, anyways :)


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