Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I just got a call saying that there was an opening at our church's preschool (the one we are planning to take Tot to this Fall) and we are #1 on the waiting list!!! HORRAY! I'm so excited because a) a christian place where we know over half of the people there b) it's cheaper :)

AND - it's TWICE a week!! Horray for more time to get stuff done!!

Training - Day Two: I walked about 2.5 miles today. I loaded up the kids in the stroller, called another Mom-of-Two and we walked around a lake/trail/thing by our neighborhood. We took a break about half way through to let the Tot and her friend play in the park and then moved on. It was 70 degrees, sunny, and absolutely the perfect day to be outside. Strong.
LOST comes back tonight and I am so geeked I can barely contain myself. I am currently weighing the options of eating pizza and making a night of it while simultaneously ruining my running progess, or eating some leftover nastiness that I made last night that did NOT turn out well. I have a feeling I know which way I'm going.
Light Hot Dogs are disgusting. I mean, they are worthless.

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