Monday, February 12, 2007

Just Call Me Debbie Downer...Wa Wa Waaaaaaaaaah

Oh reader friends, your dearest Unsinkable is in a wee bit o' pain. She has thrown out her back and is forced to walk like a hunchback. No bueno.

I'm not entirely sure how this happened, only that I couldn't get comfortable last night and the Tot woke up crying for Daddy 3 times (just breaks your heart). Neither of the kids took a nap yesterday, due to airport transactions during naptime, and then neither of them slept all night. I figured I was garaunteed a late morning, but no. Six am came, and they were both awake, and I was walking like a caveman. To add to our generally great mood, I left our dog, Bear, outside all night (he usually stays inside) and it rained straight through the night and he is now soaking wet and smelling up my house with wet dog smell. I was supposed to take the Tot to the doctor today, but unfortunately, I can't carry Little David more than a few paces, which makes going anywhere impossible. Nice. You'd think this would be enough, but Little David is pulling up on everything and Tot sees it as her mission in life to pull him back down. Nice.
But never fear, your Unsinkable is of course, unsunk. I have aleve, I have a heating pad, and I have a mess of cartoons to (Lord Willing) pacify the children. Here's hoping this works and tomorrow we're back to normal. Tot has a Valentine's Day party at school and I have the cutest little outfit for her :)


Robin, nothing too flashy about me! said...

So sorry to hear that you are down in the back. That has to be awful since you can't pick up David very much. Peyton is being "little mama" to Gavin like Tot is to David. She keeps saying "No no Gavin" when he has anything of hers!

Miss you! Erica and Brandy were both in town this weekend and we were able to get a pic that I will post to your myspace so make sure and check it out! Maybe someday we can get one with all of us together!

Sarah said...

OUCH. Hope you get to feeling better.

Tiffany said...

I'm so sorry -- this sounds miserable! And of course, it would happen while David is away. At least he comes home soon...

But now I have to make a very selfish request: could you please promise to post the Tot-in-her-cute-Valentine's-Day-outfit pictures? I'm dying to see it!