Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Favorite Part Of The Day

In what continues to be a mystery to me, my preferences keep changing. I am starting to enjoy vegetables, I look forward to running, I quit coloring my hair, and I'm starting to wear earrings. The latest? My favorite time of day is the morning.

I've always been a late sleeper, hating to arise before 10am. In college, Regena (my roommate and best pal) and I would routinely sleep as late as possible on Saturdays, rising just in time to get lunch at Burger King in the Student Center. Unfortunately, kids make that dream life impossible. Even on the weekends (sigh). But despite the lack of sleep, something new has taken it's place: Morning.

I know Morning was always here, but I usually just missed it. Lately, the Tot has been waking up around 6:30am, Little David wakes up shortly thereafter. And you know, it hasn't been too bad. The Tot wakes up and we shuffle back to David's and my room, where she and I snuggle up in bed and watch Dora the Explorer. Sometimes I catch some more sleep, most often I don't. Either way she and I have great snuggle time. When she will no longer stay in bed, we make our way to the kitchen for some milk and whatever breakfast we feel like (cheerios, eggs, fruit snacks, whatever), and then she plays in the living room while I check my email and blogs. Little David wakes up and we all play for a bit, do the diaper changes, and then we all pretty much just sit around and rest. Days like today, when it's 66 degrees at 7am, are the best. The windows are open, the birds are chirping, and the wind chimes are clinking in the backyard. The kids are happy, dry, full and rested, and I am still in my jim jams. We've got a day ahead of us that is filled with things that have no timetable and no deadline. We may go to the library, we may go to the park, we may just stay at home and play in the backyard with the dog. It may rain, we may snuggle and drink hot chocolate and watch cartoons. I may get some laundry done, I may do the dishes, I may go for a run. I most definitely will get some good quiet time to do my bible study and have my prayer time and then I will read some more Harry Potter.

This is what I get to look forward to this morning. Not too shabby.

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April Spicer said...

Good for you! Sounds absolutely lovely. Noah and I had much the same kind of day today. I accomplished many duties while at the same time doing fun little relaxing activities with him. We did not go outside at all! Actually, at like 8am I let him blow bubbles on the back porch, but other than that, we were house bound all day. But it was pleasant actually. I'm glad you are finding joy in your morning routine. Have a great day tomorrow!