Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Stats, Yo.

You know Readers, as more and more people read this (particularly family members and friends of my mom's) it's tempting to soften my particular eccentricites (the Unsinkables, the Strongs, the randomly inserted Ghetto lingo that I sound absolutely ridiculous saying out loud) but again, never fear. This just wouldn't be my place without my bent. So, for those of you new readers - Come on in, in a while you'll get used to it. You may even like it.

And now back to our regularly scheduled update.

The Stats, Yo.

Weight: 23 lbs. He's my chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff. And I love the leg rolls. I always wanted a fat little baby, but Tot was so skinny for so long. It's nice to have the Chubs to snuggle with.

Height: 28"

Eating: He's doing okay, not eating as much as he was, but then again, he's stopped growing as fast, too. David eats about one jar at lunch and one jar at dinner. He's stopped having breakfast, we'll probably start that up again here soon. He most definitely prefers vegetables to any other thing. Especially if it's a green veggie. He tolerates fruit, but it takes a lot of singing. He's tried pureed meats, but doesn't seem to keen on them. Not that I blame him, they are really gross.

We've also dabbled in table foods, mostly bits of bread and cereal. But he has had tastes of: pizza, cheese, chocolate, and brandywine sauce from Don Pablos (he was a fan, and no, there was no actual brandy in it. Mostly butterscotch and butter, I'm thinking). He has also been fed Cheerios by his sister when I wasn't looking. It was fine, but it's a little unnerving to see him gobbling down the O's when I have yet to check for whether or not he'll choke on them.

Sleeping: YAHOO!!!! This is where the biggest change has happened. I'm proud to inform you that David has been sleeping through the night the last week!!!!! HORRAY!! I feel like a new gal and David certainly is a happier camper as he's sleeping from 6pm - 5am, drinking a bottle, and sleeping until 7:30am. STRONG. We're still trying to time the naps, but he's getting into a better schedule. Usually a one hour nap mid morning and another one mid afternoon.

Moving: As I long suspected, he's pretty much a genius. He's crawling with a speed that impresses all who see him, mostly because he still isn't crawling on his hands and knees, but in his own little "worm" way. I swear, that kid can book it. His favorite places to go are: the bathroom (he loves the froggy shower curtain), underneath the coffee table, and underneath the kitchen chairs. He's also pulling himself up to standing now! He doesn't do it often, and it's only when he thinks no one is looking. I assume he doesn't want to be embarrassed if he falls.

Attitood, Attitood (yes, I deliberately misspelled that, it's to give you my preferred voice inflection): Such changes! No longer my solemn little child, he's such a chipper thing! He wakes up babbling, sitting up in his crib and just laughs and smiles when I walk in. In fact, most mornings he'll just sit and play in there for awhile, something the Tot never did. The only times he is fussy are when he's ready to sleep or needing to be changed, or when I leave his direct line of vision. He is rather attached to me, and prefers to be held by me more than others. He has no problem going to other people, he just usually wants to come back to me after a short bit. He tolerates Tot's rough housing (aka: sitting on him and yelling "HORSIE HORSIE BUBBA IS HORSIE") and overly affectionate manner. All in all, he's pretty easy going.

Misc: He sticks out his tongue almost all day long, he still adores his jumper, he sweats when he cries, and he is a big bath tub splasher. He is to paper what heat seeking missles are to heat. He just started sucking his toes and does so with an abandon I wish I had for life's joys. He pulls my hair constantly and can scrape off the top layer of skin with his talon like finger nails. When he gives hugs, he buries his face in my neck and sqeezes. He give open mouth kisses. And the best, when I reach down to pick him up, he lifts his arms up to me and gives me the biggest smile in the world, like he's saying "Oh it's you! I'm so glad you're back, you know you're my favorite, right?"



Scott said...

See you do prefer Don Pablos to On The Border!

Unsinkable Kristen said...

LOL!!!! We went there because it was the closest nicer restaurant between our house and RHCC :)
And I've come to decide that while I do prefer OTB, Don Pablo's has it's charms :)

LBC said...

Love the stats, yo! And I'm so glad that your increasing readership isn't causing you to change your writing style. That would be very sad indeed!

Tiffany said...

I have an On The Border beef -- please let me know if anyone else has dealt with this.

The OTB in Tallahassee has an all-the-time two-for-one margarita deal. Since all English grad students are apparently raging alcoholics, we end up there a lot for department gatherings. Well, I ordered my margaritas virgin like the good little Harding igrl that I am, and the waiter charged me for two, rather than one. When I called this to his attention, he said that only the regular ones were two-for-one.

This seems asinine to me for several reasons, the main one being that the alcohol is really the only cost in that drink. With out it, I’m really just ordering a fancy slurpee.

Secondly, aren’t restaurants always supposed to be accommodating to the DDs?

Forgive me for being so incredibly off-topic from your post, Unsinkable, but I just had to know if I was out of line or not in being annoyed by what I have come to call “The OTB Travesty.”