Sunday, February 11, 2007


David is gone again. He left for the back half of his two business trips today and I am already bored and lonely without my pal. This is frustrating because he never travels. I mean, he maybe goes on a business trip once every four months, and then it's usually only one day. This time he had a trip to Boston from Thursday until Saturday and then left today for Orlando until Tuesday night. The consolation is that he then gets Valentines Day off completely - horray!

Because of this irritating separation, we invested in a second line for our cell phone. We had been needing to get another line for awhile (Dave doesn't like me traveling with the kids with no phone and he needs one for business), but had kept putting it off. Well, after this last trip with almost no contact we buckled. So now I have our "old" Razor phone (with the coolest ringtone EVER - Gnarles Barkley "Crazy") and he has the little blue one we got for free.

We also got unlimited texting. Can you say Addicting??? We've been doing it all day!! Just a little note here and there "Im so bored." "Me 2" "Kids r crying. Ugh" "Sorry about that" "Im so bored" "Me 2" etc etc. Even though I'm sure our grammar is going to suffer because of this, it is so worth it. There is nothing worse than being away from your pal and not being able to talk. So today, I am bored and missing my pal, but at least I can be in on the minutia of his travel time and his upcoming conference and not feel so apart. I expect to see a lot of "Im bored" "Conference suks" "Food is good" "Hotel cable is bad" "Miss you". He can expect to see a lot of "Kids r driving me nuts" "Tot is still sick" "D on 9th shewy diaper" & "miss you".

In the mean time, I'll be watching the Grammy's tonight (possibly with some home made caramal popcorn) with my phone by my side waiting to text some more :)


Cheryl said...

It will be strange to return to an America two years more advanced than I remember it. Texting has been all the rage in Europe since long before we moved here, but when I left the States it was still rarely used. Sometimes I end up feeling silly because it would have been easier (and quicker) to have picked up the phone and called to have the conversation that ends up being texted back and forth over 10-15 minutes. You're's addicting. But for now I associate it only with England, not the U.S.

Unsinkable Kristen said...

Dave and I plan to use it stealth-like during his conference :) You can put it on vibrate and text away on the sly :)

Sarah said...

Oh geez, Michael and I text each other all day long. You're completely's addicting...and it's easy. Much easier than a million little phone calls and it's a great way to send the little "I love you's" and stuff throughout the day.