Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Why Unsinkable! You're such a BEAST!

That's right, I ran ANOTHER mile!! Seriously, I amaze myself with my champly-ness. I quickly followed this run with a few bites of Dove chocolate.


Anyways, so far this has been a darn near perfect day and I wanted to share it all with you. It's GORGEOUS outside, I mean, 78 degrees. I've run, I've worked out my arms, I've gotten new lenses in my glasses and new frames are on the way (I'll be sure to show you all a pic), I've done my bible study (Woman After God's Own Heart, highly recommended, at least for girls), washed the dishes and updated my blog (obviously), and now I'm getting ready to go pick up the Tot from preschool and finish folding some clothes. Awesome Day!!

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