Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Could This Day GET Any Better??

I told you all awhile ago that our family got pictures taken for a reason I couldn't yet say. Well, I can say it now:

As of today, The Unsinkable is a published author!!! Horray!!

Today in the mail, came my very own copies of Dallas Child and Fort Worth Child (Basically the same magazine, with location changes), with my THREE PAGE article (okay, three column article) right in there next to the giant picture of our family!!!! Can I tell you how geeked I am?

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, this is a small local magazine, that's free and they didn't pay me. However, I am IN there!! And that is a jumping point. Also, they asked me in there what my dream goal was and I said to run a marathon (which is sortof true) because I thought it would look insanely geeky to say "Um, I am Living it man! I'm published not on the internet!"

Anyways, Horray for Fort Worth Child and Horray for me!!

How Geeked Am I??

The Cover Art Is Here!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Give Your Unsinkable A Hand

I can not stand doing laundry. I hate it, I avoid it, and there are three large piles of it in my room as I type (and some on the kitchen table if I'm being completely honest).

Please give me some suggestions to make this task a little more palatable. Also know that if I do it around the kids, Tot will grab it and run, stuffing laundry into every nook, cranny and toy box.

What's an Unsinkable to do?


I am a beast of epic proportions. I did an insane amount of laundry and there are now no piles in my room. There is still a pile on the table, though, because I have to sort through it for the outgrown clothes. Another job for another day.

2007: Year of 100 Books

That's rather ambitious Unsinkable, wouldn't you say? Well, you would if you didn't know me but at all. I read like nobody's business. I read fast and I read a lot and unless you physically push me, I have no idea what's going on anywhere around me while I'm doing it. It irritates Dave to no end and I've tried to be better at this.

So, I'm giving myself another challenge, because abstaining from Dr Pepper and lying wasn't enough (which by the way, is going well). I'm going to read 100 books this year. The catch is that I can't KameKaze read, I have to do it slowly and I can't skip out on my duties to finish books. I plan to keep one in the car, one by my bed and one in the bathroom (don't lie, you do it, too). That should make this easier and less annoying for my sweet man.

Having said that, I'm qualifying this Year Of A Hundred Books a little more.
They have to be books that:

a) I haven't read before - no cheating by rereading all the Harry Potter books
b) Are actual adult books - no Mr. Man or Little Miss books.
c) Half of which are non-fiction (eek, that's a little scary) and productive
d) I read all the way through, no skimming or skipping to the end.

Ack! Am I a little nuts? Perhaps, but am I also committed to personal growth and general beastly-ness? Of course. I am Unsinkable, you know.

Monday, March 26, 2007

So Irritated I Might Spit.

Okay, so I just blogged a great little thing, telling you all about the odds and ends that are going on here and blogspot had an error and deleted it. Insufferable little twit of a host.

To recap, because I'm so not retyping all that:

I've got shorty short hair, we had a nice trip, Tot calls Arkansas "Arkasaw", kids didn't nap on trip, Tot messed up all the sandcastles I tried to build in her new sandbox - Jerk. (who says I'm not adult about things?), our dog smells awful because it's rained so much here, I'm going shopping tomorrow at a HUGE kids consignment sale - very geeked, I find Lunchables suprisingly delicious, cute picture of Tot along with a very witty aside mentioning the contents of her bag (blanket, CareBears & pacifier).


Oh, here's the pic:

Did You Miss Me?

I knew that you would. One can only go for so long without one's Unsinkable.

Anyways, I'll bring you a much better post later that will cover these three things:

My Shorty Short Hair
My Trip to Arkansas
My Snotty Little Tot Who Kept Knocking Over My Sandcastles

Until then, Dear Readers, I Am,

Your Unsinkable

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

We Were On A Break!

Well Friends, I've been pretty consistent with blogging since I moved to this new site, breaking only for weekends or at the most a day. The time, however, has come for a break.

I need a little refreshment, and I need to reorganize some of my priorities. I thought about just not posting, but that doesn't seem very fair to all of you who depend solely on me for you daily laugh or chuckle. I'll be back next monday, I think a week should do the trick. There are some blogworthy things happening this week/end, but I'll save those for next week.

Don't worry, you'll be okay. There are many other fantastic people who blog and I'm sure you'll enjoy them almost as much as me. Just look at my When The BlogRoll Is Called Up Yonder for the Blogs that The Unsinkable herself reads.

Now, now, don't cry. I promise I'll be back.

Of course I still like you! This isn't about you, it's about me. Really. I mean it.

Seriously, you need to pull yourself together. It's starting to get embarrasing.

Anyways, have a lovely week and I'll see you real soon!

Little David Crawls

Little David is crawling on hands and knees - finally! My sweet little baby is getting so big!

David crawls
Video sent by kdchapman4

Monday, March 19, 2007


Oh Reader Friends, it's sad for me to tell you this, but there is no Unsinkable in China. The Great Firewall Of China told me that it has blocked my URL.

A whole country without access to The Unsinkable?? How do they do it??

If any of you know people in China and can give them my posts, please do so. You just shouldn't have to make it through without your daily dose of Unsinkable.

Friday, March 16, 2007

The Cutest Thing Ever

Tot asleep with (L to R) Bunny-Bunny, Penny, Grumpy CareBear & Bedtime CareBear
and Elly Elephant off to the side there.
Does it get any cuter than that?

Still Unsinkable After All These Years

So I'm stealing this from Tiffany's blog. Great great great idea.

Here are a list of things that have never changed for me:

1. I still bite my nails. Maybe I'll just own this and quit trying to change it.
2. I still paint my toenails bright red or hot pink, they have never been any other color.
3. I still hate green beans. I never fix them in my home.
4. I still hate beans and cornbread (to pacify my mom, who insists that I do indeed like them, there was one instance while I was pregnant with the Tot that I enjoyed them but that time has passed and I don't count it).
5. I still coordinate my clothes in my closet by color and sleeve length as I have since highschool.
6. I still love "dotted cake" and "dotted icing".
7. I still prefer jeans, a tshirt and flops to any other clothing ever.
8. I still adore Moonpies.
9. I still don't like pancakes.
10. I still love festivals.
11. I still forget where vegetables come from (I actually had to ask my mom the other day where peas came from. I know this. I really do. But I couldn't remember and I thought I could count on her not to laugh. I was so wrong. Don't ask her about the pickle thing.).
12. I still love to sing in the car as loud as I can and dance a little.
13. I still dance around the house, now I just have an excuse to do it with the kids.
14. I still love McDonalds chicken nuggets more than any one else's and would eat them everyday if they weren't so bad for me.
15. I still say "money-mover" instead of ATM when I'm not thinking.
16. My pants still sag because I have no butt.
17. I still can not decide whether to use cursive or print when I write a letter.
18. I still kama kaze read.
19. I still would rather eat Lucky Charms than any other cereal. And by Lucky Charms I just mean the marshmellows, the rest is just marginal.
20. I am, as always, still Unsinkable.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

An Unsinkable, Unbreakable, Absolute Vow.

Okay guys, it's that time. Two years ago I made a Vow Of Absolute Truth. Since then I have kept to it and only strayed a handful of times, after which I promptly confessed. Except once in which I was wearing a shirt that said "LRC" and my father in law asked me what it was and I told him something different. It actually stands for "Little Rock Challenge" which while not dirty, is not exactly something you share with your father in law (and if you don't already know what it is, I'm SO not sharing on here. Email me or something). Anyways, I haven't told him still, so I should probably confess, except it's been about a week and now I'll look dumb. The price I pay for not adhearing to the Vow Of Absolute Truth.

But I digress.

What I meant to say is that it's time for me to make another vow. I do this seldomly, because once I say it I have to do it forever. It's not a challenge or an extravaganza that has a time limit. It's a way of life. It's also rather dramatic, which suits me.

I'm making a vow regarding my health. A vow that almost hurts my stomach to make, but I know that I have to make it.

I'm taking.... A Vow Of Absolutely No Dr Pepper.

I think I might hyperventilate.

You see, my Unsinkable Readers, Dr Pepper isn't good for the Unsinkable. However, if it is put in front of me I will not only not say No, I will drink so much of it that my stomach actually does hurt. I've tried saying no, I've tried quitting for a period of time, but alas. I just don't have a stop button. The only way for me to banish the scourge on my insides is to do just that. Banish it.

So, here to forth with and whatever other closing word, The Unsinkable is a Dr Pepper Free Zone. And just so there is no confusion (or loopholes for the Unsinkable to jump through, because she's good at that) this Vow includes any and all other sugary/carbonated "Cokes". Like I said, it's the spirit of the law, not the letter. This is going to be a hard Vow to keep, however, my exceptionally strong sense of guilt will keep me in line, just as it has with my Vow Of Absolute Truth.

Wish Me Luck, because once I post this, there's no going back.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Thunderstorms & Milestones

Buenos Dias, my dear little Reader Friends. And if I spelled that wrong, my bad.
Anyways, yesterday was a great picture day. It thundered and lightninged and we had the windows opened to listen while I made banana bread and Tot helped and Little David watched. Does it get any better than that?

Apparently, it does. As we were eating our Banana bread, I noticed that Little David wasn't sitting very well in his chair. It's supposed to transition to a toddler chair after the baby no long needs the back to support it, but neither the baby position nor the toddler position worked for Little David. He just looked absolutely uncomfortable and as a result, fussed and cried until I let him out.

So, that meant that it was time for a trip to Target to get him what I've been secretly looking forward to for a long while.

A chair like Tot's.

I love the chair that Tot uses. It's small, it's light, it was cheap, and you can fold it up and take it with you. It probably weighs a pound. Awesome. Little David's was all of these as compared to a regular highchair, but compared with Tot's chair, his was a bohemoth.

So we traveled to Target, got the chair, set it up, put Tot in her chair, and let them eat snacks together. So great.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Oh My Sick Little Baby

So Sad Reader Friends. Little David is uber sick. So far today he's tossed everything I've given him, took a 4 hour nap, and as of 10 minutes ago he was running a fever of 102. Ick. Here's hoping my little bean gets better.

Well, we're off to the doctors!


Updated: We have an ear infection, an upper respitory infection, and a 49.99 pharmacy reciept for bubble gum medicine and grape medicine. All worth it, because today my sweet Little David is feeling much better and not tossing.

San Antonio - Ooohh! I Love Yooooo!

Well Reader Friends, Dave & I have decided to take our anniversary vacation elsewhere. Namely, San Antonio. We are so totally geeked about this, I can't quite put it into words.

So, here is your mission. If you know of any off the wall places in the area to visit, any randomly great places to eat, things to see, etc. Let me know!

We've got the big places covered (The Alamo, SeaWorld, Shiner Bock Brewery), so tell me if you have any other cool places we should see. We are also open to places not quite in San Antonio, as we'll be visiting Austin & New Branfels on the drive.

In other news, I have one sick Little David and a very hyperactive Tot. I also have the worlds best Mother-in-law who took the Tot shopping today so I can have a little rest after being up all night and get a few things done. I am ever so thankful!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

It's A Beautiful Day

Sprinkler Saturdays are the best. Especially when followed by chicken and veggies on the grill and then going to get ice cream. So much for the lawn work we were going to get done.
Oh, well. Wahoo for 80 degree weather! And Wahoo for Texas!

Initially, Tot was a little nervous about the sprinkler.

She quickly got over this and ran around screaming and laughing.

Then I joined in.

Then Tot decided that her swimsuit was no longer fun.

Hope you guys have as much fun today as we're having!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

What's In A Name?

Well Reader Friends, I think it's time you know the truth. The truth behind the Unsinkable. Where did I get this name? What is the significance? What does it all mean?? I'm here to give you the answers.

Unfortunately, this isn't really that good of a story, but your Unsinkable does love her dramatic introductions.

Anyways, on September 2, 2005, my dear friend The High Cheese posed a fantastic question of the day. It was "If you could have any stage name at all, what would it be?". So, I thought. I thought and I pondered. And then I remembered Molly Brown. She had the best stage name ever. Unsinkable?? How much cooler does it get than that? So I decided that if I could have a stage name, Unsinkable would be it.

Then I thought some more. Why couldn't I have a stage name? Simply because I do nothing on a stage is no reason for me not to use the coolest name ever. So, on September 2nd, I claimed it as my own. And ever since then, I've been The Unsinkable Kristen Chapman. Oddly enough, the name has come to fit me perfectly.

And there you have it. Behind the scenes of the Unsinkable. I stole the name from Molly Brown because it was rad, and I gave it to myself because I, also, am rad.

So, Reader Friends, I now pose the same question to you: If you could have any stage name at all, what would it be? And remember, if you like yours enough, you can use it forever. I've got no room to judge :)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Help An Unsinkable Out...Again

Hola Reader Friends, it's that time again. The Unsinkable has run out of things to read. I've already re-read the Harry Potter series, and I'm jonesin' for a new and very good book.

Again, the caveats. I don't read things that are supposed to be serious, dramatic, deep, philisophical or life changing in my spare time. I'm going for sheer fluff, guys.

Who can help me out??


Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm Totally Copying This Idea...

So, Cheryl just did the best post ever (if you haven't read it, do so now, I'll wait). She had the idea that while we often post about our little ones major milestones, we forget about the little quirks that make up their personalities. So, in honor of my littlest ones 9 month-a-versary, without further ado, here is what makes my Little David up:
1. He sticks his tongue out all the time. In fact, I recently took about 30 pictures of him, and in every one he had his tongue out.
2. He can find every piece of paper in a 10 foot radius. I'm so not kidding, if it's cardboard, paper, or anything similar, David will find it and start to eat it. It has gone so far as to the nursery workers at church keeping a special eye on him so he doesn't take the butcher paper off the walls and eat the decorations.
3. He has started to spit when I feed him table food. He blows raspberries non stop until I put food in his mouth, then he blows them as hard as he can until the food flies out. Charming table manners :)
4. David seems to have a fascination with out shower curtain. Whenever we leave the bathroom door open, even a crack, he speed crawls in there and starts to chew on the curtain.
5. He likes to bounce a lot and whenever you hold him he jumps up and down on your stomach.

6. No matter what is going on, if David can see outside that is where he'll be looking. He likes to be outside most of all and will sit in his exersaucer on the back porch for ages just taking it all in. He loves to crawl in the grass and loves to try to eat the grass even more.

7. When he gives hugs, he gives them with one arm around my neck and one arm buried in my hair. Then he pushes his face as far as it can go into my shoulder and squeezes. He does this everytime he wakes up and everytime I've been gone.
8. He loves Cherrios.

9. David can now pull up on almost anything, including walls, desks, entertainment centers, legs, couches and sisters. Tot does not care for this at all and whenever she sees him pulling up she immediately pushes him back down and says "NO NO Bubba!". He doesn't seem to mind, in fact, he laughs and does it again. I think he's just trying to annoy her.

10. He adores his Daddy and especially loves it when Dave plays his guitar. Little David will sit in front of Bigger David (haha) and just stare at him while he plays. He also attempts to play the guitar himself, and if we aren't looking will crawl directly to our room and then directly to the guitar and start to pluck the strings.
11. He doesn't babble or coo, he grunts. Actually, he sounds like a Wookie. It's funny, but only for a minute.

12. He loves to be naked and will turn over quick as a flash during a diaper change and try to escape. He's suprisingly good at this and it's almost impossible to keep ahold of him. Unfortunately, he aquires bits of carpet fuzz and dog hair along the way and that just makes the diaper change even longer.
13. He consistenly loses one shoe. The same one every time. I think it's because when he crawls he doesn't do it on hands and knees, he kindof worm crawls with one leg pushing and the other leg balancing him. He loses the shoe on the balancing foot and I'm guessing the pushing foot just lops it off.
14. And yes, he still does his "Bedroom Pose"

Why I Love Texas

Well, Reader Friends, it is yet another beautiful spring day here in Texas. I've got green grass, blue skies, butterfly (I've only seen one), 70 degree weather, and lots of purple flowers. Horray for Spring!

Our family has been making it a point to spend as much time outside as possible. So we've invested in lots of bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and we even built a fire pit. Here are pictures of our good times :)

This is Tot drawing with her chalk and simultaneously annoying Bear. He could not understand what she was doing, why she would do it, or why he couldn't eat it. He did make a valient effort to lick the chalk off, but we swatted him enough that he stopped. His efforts made Tot decided that chalk might taste good, and she started to nibble on a stick, but again, we swatted her and she stopped. After the tastings, they played quite well together.

One of Tot's favorite songs to sing is from The Backyardigans called "Surf's Up". So this is her and David (who is trying to surf and smoke a cigar) picnic table surfing while they sing "Surf's Up, Surf's Up, Whoa Daddy....Wipe Out!". The best part is, is that she even wiggles her hips like she's surfing. SO hilarious.

This is Little David's very first sliding experience. Well, actually this is his third. The first two he cried so I didn't think I would post those pictures. They're quite sad :) But reagardless of his skeptical beginnings, he learned to love it and started to laugh a lot and jump around (which makes holding on to him very difficult).

And last, but certainly not least, here is our brand new, home made fire pit! I hope you all enjoy your week and get to spend lots of time outside!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Prayer Request

If you could, please pray for my Gramps again. He had another heart attack this morning (we think) followed by a stroke (we know). Please pray for God's will in this. I'm just not sure what it is. I'm not quite ready to let my Gramps go.

Friday, March 02, 2007

This just in...

Tot has started to call Macaroni & Cheese "Roni Cheese". How cute is that??

Playing Catch Up

I've noticed lately that all I seem to be doing is playing catch up around the house. Washing dishes so that we can use them again right away, doing laundry so that we can wear the same clothes over again, picking up the house at nap time just to messy it up again.

I realize that getting things out of sorts is just a part of life, particularly my time of life. I'm wrangling two little ones that are constantly emptying things, opening things and pulling things down. They are discovering everything all the time and I'm pretty much okay with it.

What I have yet to be okay with is my physical reaction to it all. My reaction has kindof been to slide from being pretty anal retentive about housework, to almost being a slob. Now, granted, I can still nice up the house for company relatively fast, but I've fallen far below the standard of living that I believe I should hold. After all, God called me to be at home and to keep my home for my family, is that really something I should be letting slide?

For me, this has been less about the housework, and more about my attitude towards it. I've always felt that I showed my family that I cared for them by providing a home that ran smooth. Food when you needed it, clean clothes when you needed them, warm clean beds, and a place to relax or play where clutter wouldn't get in the way. Above all, a happy wife/mom that was glad you were there, had time and energy to play or snuggle, and wasn't so worried about housework that she forgot to have fun. I held that standard pretty well with Taylor and through my pregnancy. It's been the addition of our Little David that has thrown me for a loop. My time to accomplish all of this has suddenly shrunk and my need for alone time/grown up time has suddenly skyrocketed.

So as I've tried to figure out a solution to this problem, one that I would be happy with and wouldn't stress me out, I've let my obligations slide. I let the dishes go until we need them (or until some one might see them), I let the laundry go until Dave has nothing to wear for work, and I let the house get cluttered up until I go nuts and exhaust myself cleaning it all up. And don't even get me started on the bedrooms. War zones.

So, this morning I'm sitting in my pj's, staring at my cluttered and messy home, knowing that while I have chosen wisely and put loving my familiy and children over a spotless home, I still am accountable for the mess. It is possible to do all of it, just maybe not to my prior specifications. I'm trying to learn the balance between doing everything right on schedule and doing nothing until the last possible moment. Perhaps learning that I don't have to have a schedule, or a plan or a book to make things run smoothly. Maybe I just get it done when I can. And if I can't, oh well.

Until I do, you may see me being a little wrinkled, and when you come to visit me you may see our laundry on the table and some dishes in the sink. But I am, after all, Unsinkable, and what is a new phase in life without a little challenge?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I Hit The Wall

I just couldn't run today. I went to the gym, got on the treadmill, and the oomph just wasnt there. I was bored off my mind and just couldn't bear the thought of running an entire mile. So, I walked/ran the equivilent of maybe 1/4 mile, maybe 1/2 a mile. Then I worked my arms and abs and headed home. I forsee today being another one of those "Don't Get Much Done" days.

Harry Potter 5 is calling me anyways.