Monday, March 19, 2007


Oh Reader Friends, it's sad for me to tell you this, but there is no Unsinkable in China. The Great Firewall Of China told me that it has blocked my URL.

A whole country without access to The Unsinkable?? How do they do it??

If any of you know people in China and can give them my posts, please do so. You just shouldn't have to make it through without your daily dose of Unsinkable.


Cheryl said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! The McFaddins, however, have freedom of speech in China! Perhaps you have to visit the country and contribute to their economy in order for them to show you love! ;)

The Queen said...

They like me! They really, really, like me! :)

The WeatherDaddy said...

No love for the WxDaddy. "China not like me no one bit"!