Monday, March 26, 2007

Did You Miss Me?

I knew that you would. One can only go for so long without one's Unsinkable.

Anyways, I'll bring you a much better post later that will cover these three things:

My Shorty Short Hair
My Trip to Arkansas
My Snotty Little Tot Who Kept Knocking Over My Sandcastles

Until then, Dear Readers, I Am,

Your Unsinkable


Tiffany said...

I did! I missed my Unsinkable!

And I, too, now have short hair -- not shorty-short hair, like your lovely photo shows -- but not a whole lot longer (a little above my shoulders which is, of course, crazy short for me. And I love it!)

I do not have a Tot, though. but I'd love to hear a story about yours.

Welcome back!

The WeatherDaddy said...

Great Hair! Wow, I've not seen your hair even close to that short since you did the news that one semester back at HU. This is WAY shorter of course.

Congrats on the cool magazine spread! Is this a running gig or a one-timer? Let's hope it's regular with a regular PAY!