Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Give Your Unsinkable A Hand

I can not stand doing laundry. I hate it, I avoid it, and there are three large piles of it in my room as I type (and some on the kitchen table if I'm being completely honest).

Please give me some suggestions to make this task a little more palatable. Also know that if I do it around the kids, Tot will grab it and run, stuffing laundry into every nook, cranny and toy box.

What's an Unsinkable to do?


I am a beast of epic proportions. I did an insane amount of laundry and there are now no piles in my room. There is still a pile on the table, though, because I have to sort through it for the outgrown clothes. Another job for another day.


Aubree said...

I hate laundry, too, but all I can say is train your hubby to do it. :)
And be thankful you have your own machine! We have to use quarters in a laundry room down the hall. UGH.

Cheryl said...

Yeah, I have no advice to give, but more perspective instead. Just think how much worse it would be if you had to hang dry EVERY item of clothing EVERY TIME you did laundry. Combine that with tine washers that make you have to do twice as many loads. It's truly a beating. I never hated laundry before but I have grown to loathe it as well. This does not keep me from having to do a load almost every day though. *sigh* I would kill for an American washer and dryer.

Neina said...

I use to prefer washing it all in the same day. Such pretty colorful piles of all reds, all blues, all yellows, etc. Well, in todays modern times, alot of those colors can really go together and be just fine. You do still need to do the whites alone. The D's won't like pink underwear!
Get a smaller basket and when it is full, do it in two or three loads throughout the day. Maybe you could train Tot to help instead of hiding the clean stuff. I know my mother always bragged about how I dusted the baseboards at the young age of two. I will try to think of a way you could make it a game for her. :)
And along with Cheryl, when Laura Beth gets back from her internetless trip to Kenya, I am sure she can give you some comments about how they have to fill big bowls and buckets of water and pour into the washer to speed up the "fill" cycle. I wish I had taken pictures of it when I was visitng her. :)
Have a great Laundry Day the next time you have a load. Love you!

LBC said...

Ha! I just read my mom's comment, and yes, we do often "help" our wash cycle go faster by filling the washer by bucket! If we're lucky, others in the house join in and it's a real party! We even made up a song to go along with it one time. Sadly, I can't remember it now, but I do know that it went to the tune of Snow White's Heigh-ho!