Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm Totally Copying This Idea...

So, Cheryl just did the best post ever (if you haven't read it, do so now, I'll wait). She had the idea that while we often post about our little ones major milestones, we forget about the little quirks that make up their personalities. So, in honor of my littlest ones 9 month-a-versary, without further ado, here is what makes my Little David up:
1. He sticks his tongue out all the time. In fact, I recently took about 30 pictures of him, and in every one he had his tongue out.
2. He can find every piece of paper in a 10 foot radius. I'm so not kidding, if it's cardboard, paper, or anything similar, David will find it and start to eat it. It has gone so far as to the nursery workers at church keeping a special eye on him so he doesn't take the butcher paper off the walls and eat the decorations.
3. He has started to spit when I feed him table food. He blows raspberries non stop until I put food in his mouth, then he blows them as hard as he can until the food flies out. Charming table manners :)
4. David seems to have a fascination with out shower curtain. Whenever we leave the bathroom door open, even a crack, he speed crawls in there and starts to chew on the curtain.
5. He likes to bounce a lot and whenever you hold him he jumps up and down on your stomach.

6. No matter what is going on, if David can see outside that is where he'll be looking. He likes to be outside most of all and will sit in his exersaucer on the back porch for ages just taking it all in. He loves to crawl in the grass and loves to try to eat the grass even more.

7. When he gives hugs, he gives them with one arm around my neck and one arm buried in my hair. Then he pushes his face as far as it can go into my shoulder and squeezes. He does this everytime he wakes up and everytime I've been gone.
8. He loves Cherrios.

9. David can now pull up on almost anything, including walls, desks, entertainment centers, legs, couches and sisters. Tot does not care for this at all and whenever she sees him pulling up she immediately pushes him back down and says "NO NO Bubba!". He doesn't seem to mind, in fact, he laughs and does it again. I think he's just trying to annoy her.

10. He adores his Daddy and especially loves it when Dave plays his guitar. Little David will sit in front of Bigger David (haha) and just stare at him while he plays. He also attempts to play the guitar himself, and if we aren't looking will crawl directly to our room and then directly to the guitar and start to pluck the strings.
11. He doesn't babble or coo, he grunts. Actually, he sounds like a Wookie. It's funny, but only for a minute.

12. He loves to be naked and will turn over quick as a flash during a diaper change and try to escape. He's suprisingly good at this and it's almost impossible to keep ahold of him. Unfortunately, he aquires bits of carpet fuzz and dog hair along the way and that just makes the diaper change even longer.
13. He consistenly loses one shoe. The same one every time. I think it's because when he crawls he doesn't do it on hands and knees, he kindof worm crawls with one leg pushing and the other leg balancing him. He loses the shoe on the balancing foot and I'm guessing the pushing foot just lops it off.
14. And yes, he still does his "Bedroom Pose"


KylaJean said...

I love love love the bedroom pose!!! It could be a greeting card its so picture perfect.

Sarah said...

I so love the bedroom pose. That is just hysterical.

Oh and the naked thing...must be a boy thing, because my nephews are the SAME way. Little streakers they are.

Cheryl said...

What a great post! :)

So I'm a little worried about what we'll be getting ourselves into when we united David and Caleb. Caleb ALSO loves being naked. Somehow I think that Tot stripping out of her pajamas to pee everywhere is just a taste of what is to come.