Saturday, March 10, 2007

It's A Beautiful Day

Sprinkler Saturdays are the best. Especially when followed by chicken and veggies on the grill and then going to get ice cream. So much for the lawn work we were going to get done.
Oh, well. Wahoo for 80 degree weather! And Wahoo for Texas!

Initially, Tot was a little nervous about the sprinkler.

She quickly got over this and ran around screaming and laughing.

Then I joined in.

Then Tot decided that her swimsuit was no longer fun.

Hope you guys have as much fun today as we're having!


The Queen said...

awwwwwww. A naked Tot is a happy Tot! Now, just how old will she be before you decided that de-cloaking is a bad thing. After all, only the bad guys in Star Trek de-cloaked.
Clothes can be a good thing. You'll just have to convince her, that's all.

Anonymous said...

so cute! It is great to see spring somewhere. We just got rid of our snow from February's Blizzard. It has been nice and sunny reaching into the 60's during the day but still gets cold at night. The sun made the kids long for camping so steve slept with them in the tent in the back yard, campfire included. they were surprised to find out it was 23 degrees when they woke up this morning.
Love you guys. Dana