Monday, March 26, 2007

So Irritated I Might Spit.

Okay, so I just blogged a great little thing, telling you all about the odds and ends that are going on here and blogspot had an error and deleted it. Insufferable little twit of a host.

To recap, because I'm so not retyping all that:

I've got shorty short hair, we had a nice trip, Tot calls Arkansas "Arkasaw", kids didn't nap on trip, Tot messed up all the sandcastles I tried to build in her new sandbox - Jerk. (who says I'm not adult about things?), our dog smells awful because it's rained so much here, I'm going shopping tomorrow at a HUGE kids consignment sale - very geeked, I find Lunchables suprisingly delicious, cute picture of Tot along with a very witty aside mentioning the contents of her bag (blanket, CareBears & pacifier).


Oh, here's the pic:

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LBC said...

I totally feel your pain! My problem was our internet connection, not blogspot, but it still makes me want to pull my hair out! I just finished a blog about when the RHCC visitors were here and then it wouldn't post and now I've lost it all! Ahhh!