Friday, March 16, 2007

Still Unsinkable After All These Years

So I'm stealing this from Tiffany's blog. Great great great idea.

Here are a list of things that have never changed for me:

1. I still bite my nails. Maybe I'll just own this and quit trying to change it.
2. I still paint my toenails bright red or hot pink, they have never been any other color.
3. I still hate green beans. I never fix them in my home.
4. I still hate beans and cornbread (to pacify my mom, who insists that I do indeed like them, there was one instance while I was pregnant with the Tot that I enjoyed them but that time has passed and I don't count it).
5. I still coordinate my clothes in my closet by color and sleeve length as I have since highschool.
6. I still love "dotted cake" and "dotted icing".
7. I still prefer jeans, a tshirt and flops to any other clothing ever.
8. I still adore Moonpies.
9. I still don't like pancakes.
10. I still love festivals.
11. I still forget where vegetables come from (I actually had to ask my mom the other day where peas came from. I know this. I really do. But I couldn't remember and I thought I could count on her not to laugh. I was so wrong. Don't ask her about the pickle thing.).
12. I still love to sing in the car as loud as I can and dance a little.
13. I still dance around the house, now I just have an excuse to do it with the kids.
14. I still love McDonalds chicken nuggets more than any one else's and would eat them everyday if they weren't so bad for me.
15. I still say "money-mover" instead of ATM when I'm not thinking.
16. My pants still sag because I have no butt.
17. I still can not decide whether to use cursive or print when I write a letter.
18. I still kama kaze read.
19. I still would rather eat Lucky Charms than any other cereal. And by Lucky Charms I just mean the marshmellows, the rest is just marginal.
20. I am, as always, still Unsinkable.


Sarah said...

I agree...great idea. I would do the same if I was in the mood to blog, I'm just not. Yet I'm bored out of my mind...go figure.

I am the same way about #7 and #17

Anonymous said...

oh unsinkable how i miss you. i was telling my first graders the othe day something they need to know for future use and i stuck the pickle story in there because i didn't want then to suffer your same fate. love you, dana

Tiffany said...

My husband and I both live by #5. My desk may be an absolute mess, but my cloest willalways be organized!

The Queen said...

It is so nice to know that some things never change. It makes my mom-heart proud. Well, the nail-biting thing doesn't and really the whole Lucky Charms thing really isn't good for you, and for Pete's sake, I thought we covered the whole vegetable thing when you were 2, 3, 4, and 5. You told me you knew it. How was I suppose to know you were already practing your deceptive arts.... it was so before your Vow Of Absolute Truth!
Unsinkable... you are undeniably my daughter!

Sarah said...

I love your Mom. I think she's probably a lot like mom. Will The Queen adopt me as her internet daughter?

The Queen said...

Sarah, I would be honored to be your internet mom... just be careful what you wish for. I can be kinda bossy. Oh! and I have been accused of omiting the origins of certain vegetables. So, if you are ok with my very veggie vagueness... then I'm your man..oops, I mean mom. :)