Tuesday, March 20, 2007

We Were On A Break!

Well Friends, I've been pretty consistent with blogging since I moved to this new site, breaking only for weekends or at the most a day. The time, however, has come for a break.

I need a little refreshment, and I need to reorganize some of my priorities. I thought about just not posting, but that doesn't seem very fair to all of you who depend solely on me for you daily laugh or chuckle. I'll be back next monday, I think a week should do the trick. There are some blogworthy things happening this week/end, but I'll save those for next week.

Don't worry, you'll be okay. There are many other fantastic people who blog and I'm sure you'll enjoy them almost as much as me. Just look at my When The BlogRoll Is Called Up Yonder for the Blogs that The Unsinkable herself reads.

Now, now, don't cry. I promise I'll be back.

Of course I still like you! This isn't about you, it's about me. Really. I mean it.

Seriously, you need to pull yourself together. It's starting to get embarrasing.

Anyways, have a lovely week and I'll see you real soon!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Don't goooooooooooo.........

Wait. Would this mean more blog traffic for Moi? I am, after all, on When the BlogRoll is Called Up Yonder...