Monday, April 30, 2007


The only word I can think of to describe my evening.

I've just sent my David off to a double header softball game, and what's that I hear? Rain. Which means my prayers may have been answered and David may get to come home early tonight.

And the best part of the evening? The knowledge that you are your toddlers top choice of companions for recreation. Tot came into the kitchen earlier and said "Come my room, see movie Mommy, see me!!" So we went to her room, snuggled up on her miniature couch and watched Shrek 2 until I had to check on the apple crisp I just made.

Mmmm, Dave home early, apple crisp, sweet Tot.

It doesn't get better than that.

Back Home Again, In Indiana....

And it seems that I can see,
the gleaming candle light, still shining bright,
through the Sycamores for me!
The new-mown hay sends all its fragrance
Through the fields I used to roam.
When I dream about the moonlight on the Wabash,
How I long for my Indiana home!

I'm sure it's silly, but I sing that song each and every time that I cross the Indiana state line or when the plane finally touches down in Indiana. In fact, I usually clap along, much to the chagrin of my Lone Star State loving husband.

Each time I go home (I reserve the right to consider both Texas & Indiana my home), I see so very many things that I remember and I get more and more excited until I finally reach my grandparents house and then it immediately feels like I never left. There is no adjustment period, no transition, and no weirdness. It's just home.

I know that there will be chocolate or some form of sweet thing in the cabinets to the far left under the window and I know that my picture will be on the fridgerator more than anyone elses' (not because I'm the favorite, just because I happen to be in the other pictures as well as the featured grandchild, and by the way, this had better not have changed ). The water tastes just like it always has (and smells the same, too, which is both good and bad), the back porch still smells like summer, even when it's freezing. And birds still slam into the window in the living room.

There is something so very comforting about having a place in your life that doesn't change much. Obviously, every place changes a little bit. Like now there is no crab apple tree in my grandparents front yard, and there is no giant oak in their backyard. And the tiny pine tree we gave my Mammaw one year is now a giant. But mostly, things are the same.

Church is still wonderful, even though it is now a mixture of people I've known my whole life and people I've never seen. The town is still the same, even though more businesses have closed and new ones have opened. All of the places I used to live are still there, some looking better and some looking worse. Most of my old schools are still there, with the notable exception of one that is now a parking lot that houses a Walgreen's (ah, Asbestos strikes again).

For some one like me, who has moved more than she's stayed, something that doesn't change much is invaluable. I've spent so much time honing my adjusting skills and new friend making skills in my 16+ moves, that to have somewhere to go where you know that you absolutely, inequivocably, belong is just wonderful. You can get a Dr Pepper and a straw (because that's how we roll there), kick your feet up, maybe munch on some ham salad, and just be. It's perfection.

Added to the perfection of location, of course, is the people. There would be no Indiana home without my Indiana family. I have an amazing family who know me inside and out and still like me, even want to spend time with me! We have relatively few dysfunctions (I say relatively, because everyone has them), and I genuinely like each member of my family (and that is rare). I have Aunts and Uncles whom I enjoy spending one-on-one time with, and I have cousins who are swiftly becoming real people that are so much fun to be with (not that they weren't before, but when you've known them since their birth it's easy to see them as kids all the time), and I have grandparents that are hilarious and wonderful to be around.

Is it any wonder I can't wait to visit?

Speaking of which, let me tell you a little about my upcoming trip to Indiana. My excitement is what started this post, and as you can tell if you've read this far, it knows no bounds.

We will be flying out of Dallas on David's and my 5th anniversary, so that we can be there in time for my Grandparent's 50th anniversary the next day. Funny enough, my oldest friend is flying into Indiana on the exact same flight. Matt is currently loving life in the Navy while stationed at Pearl Harbor (jerk). Matt and I have been friends our entire lives as he was born 6 months before me and our mothers are best friends. Having Matt be there while I'm visiting is just icing on the cake.

We'll arrive early Friday morning and spend the day catching up with everyone. Friday night my Mom flies in and then the party really starts :). Saturday is my grandparents 50th anniversary and party and we'll spend most of the day decorating and then celebrating them. I'm quite excited for the slide show.

Saturday night, though, is going to be the best ever. We're having a Slumber Party. No lie. My whole family is going to pile into my grandparents house and we are going to stay up way past our bedtimes, eat Pizza King pizza (and some Art's if I have any say in it), watch some home movies, talk an insane amount, and generally just revel in eachother's company. My family is the coolest.

Sunday we will all caravan to church, where I will get to see some of my favorite friends and their newest additions and we'll all get to compare growing families and hopefully go out to eat and do more catching up. I've heard talk of a burrito place in Fishers that is sounding pretty good.

Monday brings our sad return, but what a full and fun weekend!

So, there you have it. My love of my home state, and my fun filled weekend to come.

It's great to be an Unsinkable Hoosier!

*** Edit ***

I forgot to mention dates....we aren't leaving for another three weeks, I am just THAT excited :)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

5 Things I'm Glad I Know...

The Unsinkable figured it was time to let you all know the great things about her life as opposed to the less than savory (and frankly much more funny) aspects you usually get.

5. David likes my hair short, he tells me so almost daily.

4. Little David smells better than anything I've ever smelt (most of the time) and gives the best all time hugs. Even when he bites my shoulders.

3. Tot can fall asleep anywhere, as long as Mommy has given her a bear hug and eskimo kisses first.

2. David will listen while I rant, rave, babble, chatter, and generally talk his ear off no matter what the subject is or if I somehow manage to turn it into a fight. He will always hug me afterward and tell me I am his favorite.

1. I have the best family in the world. They are still the best when they are the most annoying. And I would rather have my family at their worst, than any other family at their best. Why? Because they are mine. And we tend to be Unsinkable.

All Is Well

David's back home :)

Friday, April 27, 2007

5 More Things I Wish I Didn't Know

5. There is such a thing as eating too many Fiber One chewy granola bars.

4. When David is out of town, Tot sticks things up her nose.

3. One piece of lunchable cheese will fit into two nostrils of a toddler.

2. Going to the gym twice, going to WalMart, going on a mile long walk, feeding ducks, push mowing the huge lawn, and showering will not tire out a toddler, but it will sure as heck exhaust me.

1. A bulb syringe will not extract all of the cheese a toddler has stuck up her nose. You will have to wait about 15 minutes while chunks periodically fall out of her nose, followed by one last sneeze to get the residue out. You will want to vomit.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Favorite Things

First of all, thanks to all of you who read my whine-fest yesterday :) Sometimes you just have to get all the junk out before you can pull it back together and move on. Praise the Lord I have an absolutely awesome husband who can reign in my craziness and give me small things to focus on instead of the giant and usually impossible goals I set for myself, ah how well he knows me.

And now for the real post...

If you know me but at all in real life, odds are you have seen me countless times in my favorite shirts. I probably wear them each once a week and often times to bed. It's probably weird, but never have I had such an attachment to clothing as I have to these tshirts. Because of the depths of my love, Your All Time Unsinkable is going to do a little ode to two of her favorite things, her favorite tshirts.

TShirt Numero A: My "Old Navy" TShirt

I have "Old Navy" in quotes because it's not technically an Old Navy shirt. It's one of those Christian play-on-a-brand-name shirts. The logo says "The Original OLD NAVY One Savior, Twelve Disciples and a Fishing Boat". Now, normally I just wouldn't purchase a shirt like this and you all have to know that, so now is confession time.

I sortof stole this shirt.

Well, technically it was borrowing and never returning, but same thing really. In college I worked at The Big Ragoo (awesome Italian place that is now out of business) and one day I spilled tea all over my work clothes. A friend of mine that also worked there let me borrow a tshirt for the rest of the evening. I kept forgetting to return it to her, because I didn't see her much outside of work. Then one day she quit and I pretty much never saw her. It's now been over 6 years and I have no intention of giving it back. Why? Because it's AWESOME that's why!!

It's the perfect shade of navy blue. It's the perfect sleeve length, the softest material (maybe because I have to wash it so often), the best cut, and it's the tshirt that has looked the best on me through two pregnancies and about 70 pounds of weight fluctuation. How do you give that up? Answer: You Just Don't.

Oh suck. Now I'm at least going to have to email her (stupid facebook putting me in contact with old friends) and let her know I have it. Why Oh Why Do I have such an insistent conscience???

TShirt Number Dos: The "Brew Thru" TShirt.

Now thank heavens, I own this shirt free and clear, although to be frank, I have lied about it once.

It all starts with one of my favorite vacations of all time (second only to the vacation that I'm about to take). I went with my family and my mom's parents (Grandmamma and Gramps) to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I was 19 and my brother was 17 and we spent the whole week driving around the beaches and waking up at dawn to see dolphins and staying up late to hunt for hermit crabs on the beach. My Gramps and Grandmamma were Nags Head Nick and Nelly (Gramps gives himself a nickname every vacation and one for Grandmama to match) and Gramps wore watersocks. Brandon and I spent most of the vacation trying to convince my parents to get us margaritas at every place we ate at, never succeeding. At one point, we saw this giant barn like structure with a neon sign that said "BREW THRU". We thought this was the funniest and coolest thing in existence. Having lived most of our lives in Indiana, we had never seen anything like it. A giant barn (identical to the Beer Barns here in Texas) that you drove through and picked out your alcohol of choice out of refrigerators on either side.

You have to understand something, my family up to this point had been Teetotalers. I mean, not a drop. My grandparents NEVER drank and I remember maybe one time Mom telling me that she and Dad had wine on one anniversary. So Brandon and I thought it was absolutely rock star awesome, when everyone thought it would be funny to drive through and just get a coke and see what the deal was about.

When we got inside, Bran and I immediately spotted the tshirts they had and BEGGED for one. And Miracle of Miracles, my GRANDMAMMA pulled out some money and bought us matching Brew Thru shirts. This cemented my love for the Outer Banks, culminating in my decision to get married there :)

What started out as just a cool and amazingly funny shirt, however, quickly morphed into the most comfortable and cut-exactly-for-me shirt I have ever owned. It surpasses the Old Navy shirt because I've owned it longer, it has a cooler story, my brother and I get to match and well, I didn't steal it.

Which brings me to the lie.

Because I wear this shirt so very much (ie: even when I was pregnant and it looked awful), I truly forget that it is a shirt advertising an alcohol store. It doesn't have any beer logos, it only has a really funny looking guy with his thumb up and a list of all the towns around the Outer Banks. So, one day I wore it to church. Yeah, church. And some one asked me where I got it and such. And then I remembered what I was wearing and why it wasn't appropriate to wear to church. And I said "It's a tea place in North Carolina, you know, Brew Thru".

I'm such a horrible person.
Unfortunately, this was before my Vow Of Absolute Truth and also, I don't remember who asked me so I can't apologize. So, I'll just have to do it here. Sorry I lied about my shirt.

So there you have it, The Unsinkables Favorite Shirts Of All Time. If either of these shirts got damaged or torn or anything, I would without question cry and try to do anything I could to replace them. I have often thought about going to a Tailor and asking if they could some how replicate them, but I would probably get laughed at.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's Like My Brain Is Leaking

Sometimes I feel like I have just too much to think about and all I really want to do is curl up on the couch with a brand new book and a fat load of chocolate and forget about everything.

I don't want to think about my marriage, or David's stress, or job opportunities, or cars or broken cars or potential cars, or the kids and what they should/shouldn't be doing, what milestones I should be preparing them for, my relationship with God, trying to be a better person, trying to lose weight, trying to eat healthy, trying to exercise, remembering to weight lift, remembering to drink all my water, trying not to procrastinate, making lists, remembering to save money, to spend it on what I planned, to clean my house, to do the laundry, to deep clean, to follow routines, to declutter, to call my friends, to call my family, to try to help other people make decisions, to make playdates, to get outside, to mow the lawn, to visit my great grandmother, to not bite my nails and to pick out cute clothes to wear and decide what in the world to do with my hair, to write articles, to even decide if that's what I want to do in the first place, to know if I want to do anything at all at any time and any place.

I don't want any of it to go away, I absolutely love my life and everything and person in it. I just need a little bit of time where I don't go crazy thinking about so very many things. Seriously, I just want to go on vacation and not think for a week. About anything. No plans, no goals, no small achievements, no babysteps, no tiny rewards, no lists, no hearing advice on how I can make this better or more managable if I will just remember this or that, no anything.

Just a break.

I will now go lay on my super comfy couch, maybe with a book, maybe with Discs 3 & 4 of The Office, and remember that in just a few weeks, I will get to go on that vacation.

Cincos, Baby, you can't come soon enough.

Big Prayer Request

Some of you may already know about this, but please be praying for Ethan Powell. I think his parents went to Harding, but I'm not sure.

He's a very little boy (I think he's 4 months old) who got diagnosed with Leukemia and they are waiting for a bone marrow transplant. Today they were just told that there are no matches for him above 7/10 and those don't usually turn out well.

His parents are amazingly strong, young, christians and they are desperate for as many prayers as possible.

Please go to his website and read and pray -

Update On My Gramps

Some of you have been asking how my Gramps is doing after his heart attack & stroke and I am quite pleased to give you this report via my Mom:

Dad update: He is doing so much better. Each day has brought new victories and personal quirks. He still has the same funny personality, only in some cases, funnier. I love that about him. One day he couldn't get out the right word and he used his hand and waved it above his head. As he waved it over, he said, "Don't worry. I have mad cow." If you watch Boston Legal then you know exactly what he was talking about.

He was able to get himself out of his wheelchair and onto the bed by himself. It was a very big deal because he had to put weight on his left leg and it doesn't work. They are working him very hard and he is exhausted by 4:00. He has dinner at 5 and is usually sleeping by 5:30 or 6. I get to visit around 5, and I get about an hour with him before he begins to drift off to sleep.

He can read. He can write his full name. He can feed himself, very slowly. He has trouble with food and it has to be mashed and very soft. He now HAS to eat at least 50 percent of the food on his plate. He can do it at breakfast and lunch, but he only eats about 1/4 of his dinner. We are working on getting him to 50 percent. He is getting better each day. Praise God

Monday, April 23, 2007

So, How Do You Like It?

I decided I wanted a new look, and after countless hours of trying to figure this out, I finally have. I'll most likely tweak it a little, but for now, what do you think?


It seems my tumultuously moody day is over. Seriously, I don't know what got up my behind but I was a major grump most of today. What is so frustrating is that there wasn't a good reason. The kids were behaving well (as well as toddlers behave), the day was a nice temperature, the house was clean, I got a full nights rest and I've even lost a few pounds. That should be the recipe for a GREAT day, right?

Not so.

I was snippy, snarky, and impatient right up until about 2:00pm. And then my day started to slowly turn around.

The kids all went down for naps and I had some peace and quiet. I made a paper chain for the days we have left until Cincos (our vacation), I played around online and read some funny jokes. Then Cheryl called and I got to have a great conversation with her and by the end of it I was out of my funk. Horray for friends calling at the right time :)

So this evening, David is playing softball with the team from church, Little David is asleep, Tot is watching Shrek 2 and most likely falling asleep on the floor.

And I am wrapping up my online stuff, ignoring my house work until tomorrow, and getting ready to finish Disk 2, Season 2 of The Office and eat a nice and tasty Dove Bar.

All in all, it didn't turn out to be that bad of a day.

Just One Of Those Days

Friday, April 20, 2007

A Vlog (Video Blog) Just For You

Here's the best that I could do. Please excuse my random stares at the camera and lip synching with Tot. I had no idea I was doing that and it looks a little creepy, but I couldn't get Tot to repeat any of it again, so there you go.

Enjoy my Tot's insane cuteness.

Tot & Mom
Video sent by kdchapman4

Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Bad...

Sorry Guys, I'm just so not in a blogging mood.

I've been pretty busy this week, so do forgive, I promise I'll write when I can think of something even remotely interesting and then simultaneously have enough energy to immediately make it funnier enough to talk about it.

Don't hold your breath :)

Monday, April 16, 2007

3 Beautiful Things

I stole this from Cat's blog...

Here are three things that are beautiful today:

1. The weather, of course. It's sunny, 70's, and breezy ("I'm Breezy!"). The kids and I have played outside for about an hour already this morning and we'll probably go outside again before naps and after naps. Summertime here we come :)

2. Little David crashing around as he learns to move. Already today, Little David has tumbled off of Tot's toddler bed, the couch, my lap and a toybox. It's beautiful because, well, it's mostly funny, but it also shows me just how big he's gotten. He can climb up on all of those things with no help! Then when he falls (because we're still working on the dismount) he doesn't even cry. He just giggles and goes again.

3. My peaceful home. I just love it when most things are clean, most things are decluttered, and you know that if a hoard of people needed to come over in 15 minutes you would be ready. The kids are playing nicely, I've got dinner planned and a nice balance of work & play planned for naptime. Beautiful.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

We're Probably Bad Parents....

This morning all of us were sick. Coughing, draining yuckiness meant that we were probably not going to church. So I loaded us all up with medicine and we sat around prepared for a day of recuperating and tv watching and not much else.

Funny enough, cold medicine can affect kids in one of two ways. It can either make them very lethargic and quite sleepy or it can make them the exact opposite. And wouldn't you know, our kids get the opposite. It's not like I have calm children to begin with, so this medicine amped them up to unprecedented activity levels. Dave and I were now sick, cranky, tired and pretty annoyed.

But David had a genius idea.

We put the kids in Tots room, put a babygate in the doorframe (neatly locking them in), and then set up a portable DVD player on a tiny table in the hallway. Strong.


This occupied them for about 15 minutes, long enough for David and I to decide that if we wanted to feel better at all, we were going to have to do something. So, we did what I promised I would never do, no matter how old my kids got.

We put a TV & DVD player in Tot's room. Sigh. I know.

I never wanted to do this, because I know that watching too much TV isn't good for kids and having one in their room makes it so easy to forget that it's better for them to just play outside. But MAN, all those reasons sounded very dumb compared to the very good possibility of chasing the kids around all day while I was feeling absolutely awful and David wasn't much better. So we got a TV from David's man land (don't worry, I'll post about that someday) and the DVD player from our room (that we never use) and put them on Tot's dresser and behold: The kids were mesmerized.

In fact, they started to play so well in there that we decided to make Tot's room into a bedroom/playroom. We went to Target, got a bright pretty rug and a toybox. When we got home and set it all up, the whole family watched Shrek 2 and played with toys. Pretty great sick day, huh?
Anyways, I feel a little bad about starting the TV in the room thing so early, but I figure this: She can only watch DVD's (we didn't hook up cable), and she can't turn on the TV on her own, nor can she touch the DVD player, so the amount she watches is totally up to me. Also, since we don't have an actual playroom, this works out perfectly. The kids have somewhere to play while I'm doing stuff around the house and they won't be all underfoot (which they are. Constantly.) and they can play in there together and have lots of fun.
Which brings me to my next thing to tell you guys.
You need to watch this video because my Tot is the cutest thing in the whole world. I could just eat her up :)

04.15.2007 014
Video sent by kdchapman4

Friday, April 13, 2007

I Take It Back!!

It's been almost a month since my Vow Of Absolutely No Dr Pepper and I've only slipped twice. Okay, three times.

But it was only one Dr Pepper each time.

And I was with friends.

It was only social drinking, it's not like I have a problem.

Anyways, I've decided that I'm taking back my Vow. You can berate me all you want, I totally deserve it. I'm going back on my word, but I've decided that Dr Pepper is worth it.

It's so yummy, so bubbly, so very very tasty.

And as I have learned this month, I actually do have a stop button. I just have to use it. So I'm going to continue with the spirit of my Vow and keep really limiting my intake of Dr Pepper to only those times when I'm out with friends and don't want alcohol, but don't want water, or when I am at my in laws house because my Father In Law is exceptionally thoughtful and whenever I come to visit he puts a Dr Pepper in the freezer to make it cold upon my arrival.

How can I say no to that??

Added to all of that, Dave & I are going to Dublin, Texas (home of Dublin Dr Pepper) during our Cinqos Trip (5th Anniversary) this June. I'll have to have some then, won't I?? I mean, if I didn't it would just ruin it for David, and really, it's all about him. :)

So, it's out with the Vow Of Absolutely No Dr Pepper, but I'm still holding strong on my Vow Of Absolute Truth. Can't really take that one back...

Why Life Is Pretty Darn Good:

1. I have an exceptionally good looking husband who told me last night that he was lucky to be married to me. Strong.

2. I have two kids that while they can get on my ever lovin' nerves, are absolutely adorable and give me lots of snuggles and kisses.

3. I have a great family who loves me, despite the dysfunction that bubbles over every now and then.

4. I am Unsinkable.

5. I have a great park close by that I can go walking at and see ducks.

6. I have the perfect summer robe. It's blue (it also has some bleach stains on it, but I'm thinking that they just give it character...).

7. I just ate a really great granola bar that has put me in this fanstastic mood.

8. I can hear my kids tickling eachother and laughing at this very moment.

9. We have our perfect home with a huge backyard for the kids to play in.

10. And last, but most certainly not least, I am in Christ, therefore I am a new creature, the old things passed away, behold new things have come - which is a pretty good reason for having a great day.

(and I also just did my memory verse - shazaam!).

ps - What do you think of Shazaam? I know it's not Strong, but it's kindof sassy....anyways...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

10 Things I Wish I Didn't Know

1. A Magic Eraser will clean off incredible amounts of Sharpee from a Camera.
2. Feeding a 10 month old Sonic tater tots will make them poop ever hour for 8 hours straight.
3. A Dog can not fully digest a sock.
4. If you try to nurse a baby that hasn't nursed in a few weeks, they will bite you. Hard.
5. A child does not always understand the difference between a tissue and their mothers new shirt.
6. Putting a band aid on your Toddler means that simultaneously, every one of their stuffed toys will get boo-boo's and also need band aids.
7. Just because a toddler says "Yucky Bug" does not mean they will not try to eat it.
8. Just because you say "Yummy Veggies" does not mean your toddler will eat them.
9. If you forget to pack wipes, both of your children will poop at Blockbuster.
10. Toddler kisses taste like cheerios, fruit snacks and snot.

Oh who am I kidding? I love knowing this stuff.


Little David said "MaMa" today!!! Yea!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's A Good Morning Already...

I love Wednesday mornings. They are kindof my weekend and I spend them totally ignoring all of my usual routines and plans. Wednesdays are for staying in my pajamas until 9 and keeping the kids in theirs as long as possible. They are for having animal crackers for breakfast and not starting the dishes right away. Like I said, Wednesdays are pretty great.

On a usual morning things are completely different. I have a lot to plan and get ready for, and if left it all to that morning I would be a complete mess. My day actually starts the night before.

At Tot's bedtime we take a walk through the house and clean up the mess she has so willingly created. To the tune of the Clean Up Song ("Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Do Your Share, Everybody Everywhere") we pick up all the clothes that we've changed during the day due to diaper leaks or exceptionally messy lunches and we put them in the frog laundry basket in the hallway. Then we change clean up songs "Clean it up! Clean it up! We can make it fun to do and our friends can help us, too!") and begin putting all of the toys into the basket we keep in the living room just for this. Now, I say all this like it is routine, but never underestimate Tot's ability to spend 15 minutes putting 3 toys into a basket that is 2 feet away from her.

After Tot has gone to sleep and Dave and I have watched TV or played a game or done whatever, it's almost time for bed. This is when the most important work gets done. I walk through the house picking things up, turning off lights and locking doors. Then it's time for the kitchen. If it's a school night, then I make Tot's lunch and put it in the fridge and pack up her diaper bag. Packing the diaper bag entails writing her name on three diapers and anything else I may want to put in there. It's a pretty normal thing for preschools who take diaper aged children, but I can't tell you how weird it is to accidentally grab one of those diapers to change Little David and then looking at him next time realizing that he has Tot's name on his butt.

When the diaper bag is packed and her coat and clothes are laid out, then it's time for My David. I lay out his cereal, bowl, and spoon and begin grinding coffee beans and setting the timer for the coffee to begin brewing right as he gets in the shower. Then I double check to make sure anything he needs for work is on the counter by the pantry and finally, lay out my own breakfast and bible and start the dishwasher running with all the dishes from the day. But all is not done, oh no. Next comes laying out clothes for the next day and face washing and teeth brushing. And then finally, sweet sweet sleep.

The mornings then run relatively smooth as most of the prep word has been done, but getting two kids ready to see other people is still a lot of work.

Immediately upon waking up, both kids need diaper changes. They are amazingly squirmy, so I put on a cartoon and try to get the job done. Next is breakfast, which can be anything from eggs to yogurt to bread to teddy grahams (currently the only thing Little David will eat). While they eat, argue (I swear they can do this even though Little David can't talk) and throw things at eachother, I unload the dishwasher and look at my daily calendar (the very awesome "Why Do Men Have Nipples?" calendar, so very funny) and my regular calendar to see if we have anything to do that day, throw a load of clothes into the washer, and sometimes this is when I run and take a shower and get ready myself (sometimes a shower is but a dream until naptime). After the kids have made complete messes of themselves, I take them out of their chairs and wipe them down and change them into their clothes. Then I take the breakfast dishes and put them in the dishwasher and wipe down the kitchen, and maybe even sweep up the floor, depending on just how dirty they made it.

Then, finally, we are ready to go wherever we are supposed to go or have over whoever is supposed to be there.

So you see, this is why I love Wednesdays. Wednesdays we have no where to go, so we stay in our pjs, we eat whatever for breakfast. Instead of dishes and laundry and whatever, while they eat I hop on the internet and blog or peruse other blogs or check my email. They spend a good portion of the morning in their jammies watching cartoons and I pretty much do, too. These are the days we go to the park, go to the zoo, or just stay at home and do nothing. While our routines are never strict, and sometimes they get scrapped altogether, it's so nice to have a day free from the obligation of preparing for everything. It gives the kids time to relax and it most definitely gives me time to relax.

Which reminds me, I have to go. I have a great book to read and Dora the Explorer to watch.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Some Blogging Help....

Okay, I'm really wanting to change the template on here to have my own personal header. Can any one tell/show me how to do this?

Saturday, April 07, 2007

We Ran!!

Dave & I at 6:30am this morning, ready to run. Sweet man even wore a pink stocking cap.

Dave & I at La Madeline at 7:30 am, realizing that it's 35 degrees out and we still have a half hour to go until the race starts.

Me, almost ready to go! By the way, my sign says "I'm Racing In Celebration of: My Mammaw, Margaret Grile"

And we're off!

Dave & I at the end of the race! They were playing "You Sexy Thang" as we crossed the finish line :) Strong.

We didn't run the whole race (who am I kidding, I haven't run at all this past month), but we did run half of it and finished in 45:55, right in the middle of the pack. Not too shabby! Anyways, we had a wonderful time and thanks to everyone who helped sponser us!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

BRRRRR!!! It's Gonna Be a Cold Race

Well Everyone, tomorrow is the Race For The Cure!! I can't believe it's here already and I can't believe that I actually signed up for it and I can't believe that the high tomorrow is 44 degrees!!! YUCK.

Anyways, wish David and I luck as we run and try not to freeze.

If you'd still like to donate to help us out you can donate online at:

Thanks so much to all of you that have already helped!!

Wish us luck!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

10 Months? I Can Not Believe It!

Whoa, Doggies My Unsinkable Readers! Do you know what yesterday was? Little David's 10 Month-a-Birthday!! I couldn't post due to some major business, which included a severe lack of sleep, a doctor's checkup for the little one, and quite a few Tot Tantrums. But you know, it's all in an Unsinkable Day.

Here's The Stats, Yo:

Height: 30.5 inches

Weight: 23 lbs
Head Circumference: 41 cm (teeny tiny little head :) )

Sleeping: He's gone back and forth sleeping through the night. Lately, it's definitely been more back than forth, though. Vowing to brink an end to this ridiculousness, I girded up my loins and let him cry it out last night and he was quite the unhappy camper. But this morning he awoke happy as a clam with no discernable emotional scarring and I think we'll be okay.

Eating: Boy! Can this kid pack it away! And by "it" I do not mean baby food or bottles or table food. I mean Bread. Bread of all shapes and sizes and types. White bread, wheat bread, crakers, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, anything. If I want to feed him anything with even an iota of nutrition in it, I had darn well better put some bread on his tray for him to munch on in the mean time. I'm trying to break this habit by offering him a little bit everything at his meals. A little meat (mmm pureed beef!), a little veggie, and a little fruit. And of course, a little bread. On the drinking side, unbeknownst to us, David mastered drinking from a straw! Last night before church, Little David was offered a teeny bit of slurpee from his MeMe's straw and that kid sucked it down!! What a champ!

Activity: He's movin, He's groovin, He's shakin, and he's bakin. Little David now pulls up everywhere (and on everything) and cruises around the house. He often pulls up on the wall and watches me while I do the dishes (then he pulls up on the dishwasher and tries to help). But he mostly pulls up on our legs or pantlegs and shoves his little face between our calves and snuggles in and laughs. So adorable. He has also finally moved from "worm crawling" to hands and knees crawling. I have to say, I was quite sad. It was the cutest thing to watch and it just goes to show how much bigger he's getting. Soon he'll be walking and then my baby will no longer be a baby (sniff).

General Cute-ness: He's been doing this thing with his face lately, that when he smiles he doesn't just smile, he scrunches up his entire face and grins. He looks a lot like a Sharpei (did I even spell that right?).
And it totally cracks me up every time I see that little face.

On other notes, he is still very easy going and laid back (providing that I hold him almost all day and never leave the room he is in for more than 20 seconds) and has only gotten cuter. He still loses only his left shoe and still snuggles in for great neck hugs every chance he gets. He has definitely started to babble a lot more (even saying his first phrase!! Although hasn't repeated it since), and I think (Lord Willing) that most of his Wookie cries are gone. He is, obviously, a beast of a child and wears 12 - 18 month clothing as he bursts out of anything smaller and, frankly, those 12 month clothes aren't long for this world either. Oh, and his hair is growing like crazy and we're going to have to trin those little sideburns here pretty soon.

All that to say, he is still a delightful little thing and I CAN NOT believe that in two months he'll be a year old!! Where has all the time gone?? Thankfully, my sweet Little David still likes to snuggle and lets me rock him to sleep. A Mom has to have something, right?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's Like The Carrot Sticks All Over Again....

I'm sitting here eating a snack. Because, well, it's snack time.

Tot is eating 6 animal crackers (the number I'm trying to teach her to count to), Little David is eating 1 animal cracker and some bread, and we are all drinking apple juice.

But what is my snack? Is it the animal crackers? The Oatmeal Cream Pies I just bought? The Peeps I got for Tot's School's Easter Egg hunt? Nope.

It's Cucumbers. Lightly salted, sliced cucumbers. And a whole wheat, reduced fat Graham Cracker. And water.

Oh Unsinkable, how low you've sunk.

It's odd, when I want to start dieting it's like some other person inside me will refuse and and insist on only eating pizza and hamburgers. I may just call this person Sally. Sally the Saboteur.
But there are other times when I just feel like eating better. It will start slowly, like eating only 3 slices of pizza instead of 4 (I'm like a black hole when it comes to pizza...and chips...and... anyways). Then I'll start eating breakfast. Then I'll stop snacking so much during the day.

What's so weird about this, is that it happens while I'm not looking. I think Sally has some sort of super powers that she refuses to abuse. Perhaps if I were to actually diet I would become so skinny and so insanely good looking that all of you would hate me on principle. And wouldn't that be awful??

So instead, Sally sabotages all my dieting attempts and gently nudges me to make healthier eating choices until one day I look down and GASP! I'm eating cucumbers!!

I think Sally rationalizes this slight hypocrisy by figuring that if I lose weight by being healthy, I will probably end up a nice healthy weight and therefore, no one will hate me because I'm too insanely good looking. It's kindof nice of her, but I have to admit, I think I would rather just go on a diet and drink chocolate shakes than eat cucumbers. Especially when I realize that they kindof taste good. And they're crunchy.

Stupid Sally. She's made me lose 8 pounds.

ps - the picture is from oregonphotoblog - wouldn't want to steal, would we?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

No Wonder I'm Sweating...

It's almost 90 degrees here!!


Oh my Unsinkable Readers, Little David said his first words this morning! And yes, you read than correctly, I said wordS!

Dave was eating breakfast and I was changing Little David as he cooed and squealed, just happy to be up (such a darling little thing). Then he turned his head and quite clearly said "Hi Daddy!" It came out as one long squealed phrase and was the cutest thing I've ever heard. Dave looked at me and said "Did he just say Hi Daddy?" And I said "Yep". Dave said "I know he probably didn't know what he said, but since we counted Tot's first words as Mama when I was tickling her, I say we count this." I replied "Strong."

So, there you have it. I have a genius child and a very happy hubby!! Have a fabulous Tuesday, I'm sure to since it's Tot's preschool day and I'm going shopping with my little man :)

Monday, April 02, 2007

Sorry I'm A Slacker...

I've actually been trying to get stuff done around the house and do my job :) Also, I seem to be having a case of bloggers block (which has to be the most awkward sounding phrase ever).

So, in lieu of a real post and until I get my blogroove back, here's a picture post ~
A Collage of Little David kickin' it, graham cracker style

An unflattering picture of Tot, but one I'm posting anyways because I like her fire hat and super stylin outfit.

Tot asleep in the middle of her room (It's actually dark, the flash just lit it up).

Note: She brought all of her stuffed animals (including a bathtime Pooh bear that was dressed in matching pjs), all of her blankets, all of her pillows, most of her toys and then snuggled up to the nightlight.

So there you go, stay tuned for a real live Unsinkable post. Surely something will happen worth blogging about, right?