Thursday, April 05, 2007

10 Months? I Can Not Believe It!

Whoa, Doggies My Unsinkable Readers! Do you know what yesterday was? Little David's 10 Month-a-Birthday!! I couldn't post due to some major business, which included a severe lack of sleep, a doctor's checkup for the little one, and quite a few Tot Tantrums. But you know, it's all in an Unsinkable Day.

Here's The Stats, Yo:

Height: 30.5 inches

Weight: 23 lbs
Head Circumference: 41 cm (teeny tiny little head :) )

Sleeping: He's gone back and forth sleeping through the night. Lately, it's definitely been more back than forth, though. Vowing to brink an end to this ridiculousness, I girded up my loins and let him cry it out last night and he was quite the unhappy camper. But this morning he awoke happy as a clam with no discernable emotional scarring and I think we'll be okay.

Eating: Boy! Can this kid pack it away! And by "it" I do not mean baby food or bottles or table food. I mean Bread. Bread of all shapes and sizes and types. White bread, wheat bread, crakers, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, anything. If I want to feed him anything with even an iota of nutrition in it, I had darn well better put some bread on his tray for him to munch on in the mean time. I'm trying to break this habit by offering him a little bit everything at his meals. A little meat (mmm pureed beef!), a little veggie, and a little fruit. And of course, a little bread. On the drinking side, unbeknownst to us, David mastered drinking from a straw! Last night before church, Little David was offered a teeny bit of slurpee from his MeMe's straw and that kid sucked it down!! What a champ!

Activity: He's movin, He's groovin, He's shakin, and he's bakin. Little David now pulls up everywhere (and on everything) and cruises around the house. He often pulls up on the wall and watches me while I do the dishes (then he pulls up on the dishwasher and tries to help). But he mostly pulls up on our legs or pantlegs and shoves his little face between our calves and snuggles in and laughs. So adorable. He has also finally moved from "worm crawling" to hands and knees crawling. I have to say, I was quite sad. It was the cutest thing to watch and it just goes to show how much bigger he's getting. Soon he'll be walking and then my baby will no longer be a baby (sniff).

General Cute-ness: He's been doing this thing with his face lately, that when he smiles he doesn't just smile, he scrunches up his entire face and grins. He looks a lot like a Sharpei (did I even spell that right?).
And it totally cracks me up every time I see that little face.

On other notes, he is still very easy going and laid back (providing that I hold him almost all day and never leave the room he is in for more than 20 seconds) and has only gotten cuter. He still loses only his left shoe and still snuggles in for great neck hugs every chance he gets. He has definitely started to babble a lot more (even saying his first phrase!! Although hasn't repeated it since), and I think (Lord Willing) that most of his Wookie cries are gone. He is, obviously, a beast of a child and wears 12 - 18 month clothing as he bursts out of anything smaller and, frankly, those 12 month clothes aren't long for this world either. Oh, and his hair is growing like crazy and we're going to have to trin those little sideburns here pretty soon.

All that to say, he is still a delightful little thing and I CAN NOT believe that in two months he'll be a year old!! Where has all the time gone?? Thankfully, my sweet Little David still likes to snuggle and lets me rock him to sleep. A Mom has to have something, right?


Sarah said...

Can I just say how cute babies are in blue jeans?! Love it.

Cash Girlz said...

You are doing a good job of treasuring every moment. It does go by fast, my baby boy just turned nine two weeks ago. He would not appreciate me calling him baby boy but he still gives great hugs.

Little D is so cute. Give him hugs for us.