Thursday, April 12, 2007

10 Things I Wish I Didn't Know

1. A Magic Eraser will clean off incredible amounts of Sharpee from a Camera.
2. Feeding a 10 month old Sonic tater tots will make them poop ever hour for 8 hours straight.
3. A Dog can not fully digest a sock.
4. If you try to nurse a baby that hasn't nursed in a few weeks, they will bite you. Hard.
5. A child does not always understand the difference between a tissue and their mothers new shirt.
6. Putting a band aid on your Toddler means that simultaneously, every one of their stuffed toys will get boo-boo's and also need band aids.
7. Just because a toddler says "Yucky Bug" does not mean they will not try to eat it.
8. Just because you say "Yummy Veggies" does not mean your toddler will eat them.
9. If you forget to pack wipes, both of your children will poop at Blockbuster.
10. Toddler kisses taste like cheerios, fruit snacks and snot.

Oh who am I kidding? I love knowing this stuff.


samantha said...

Oh, Kristen. I can't help but to laugh when I read this blog because so many of those I also know. lol

Neina said...

I love it! It sounds like it came straight from one of your "days", original from your expereince. It made me smile as well.

The Canterburys said...

5 Things I wish I knew:

1. Why babies and soda both spew when disturbed.
2. Why the word 'no' is translated to 'if you wish' in the mind of a child.
3. Why said child thinks that you saying 'no' 7 times in a row is funny.
4. As sure as the day is long, as soon as you get your child down for a nap, the ringing telephone wakes them up.
5. I'm looking forward to my own children regardless of numbers 1-4. ;)