Monday, April 16, 2007

3 Beautiful Things

I stole this from Cat's blog...

Here are three things that are beautiful today:

1. The weather, of course. It's sunny, 70's, and breezy ("I'm Breezy!"). The kids and I have played outside for about an hour already this morning and we'll probably go outside again before naps and after naps. Summertime here we come :)

2. Little David crashing around as he learns to move. Already today, Little David has tumbled off of Tot's toddler bed, the couch, my lap and a toybox. It's beautiful because, well, it's mostly funny, but it also shows me just how big he's gotten. He can climb up on all of those things with no help! Then when he falls (because we're still working on the dismount) he doesn't even cry. He just giggles and goes again.

3. My peaceful home. I just love it when most things are clean, most things are decluttered, and you know that if a hoard of people needed to come over in 15 minutes you would be ready. The kids are playing nicely, I've got dinner planned and a nice balance of work & play planned for naptime. Beautiful.

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Cheryl said...

You can't say you're breezy! That totally negates the breezy!