Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Big Prayer Request

Some of you may already know about this, but please be praying for Ethan Powell. I think his parents went to Harding, but I'm not sure.

He's a very little boy (I think he's 4 months old) who got diagnosed with Leukemia and they are waiting for a bone marrow transplant. Today they were just told that there are no matches for him above 7/10 and those don't usually turn out well.

His parents are amazingly strong, young, christians and they are desperate for as many prayers as possible.

Please go to his website and read and pray -


Anonymous said...

Yes, They are HU grads. This is truly an amazing story considering he wasn't supposed to make it past Day 15 and now we are on Day 77.

I've emailed with Ben several times through this. He's very tired, but encouraged.

Sarah said...

Oh man, I just went to the website and watched the videos and read some of the updates (I hadn't in awhile). It just absolutely breaks my heart. What a precious little baby.

Thanks for the reminder and the update.