Friday, April 13, 2007

I Take It Back!!

It's been almost a month since my Vow Of Absolutely No Dr Pepper and I've only slipped twice. Okay, three times.

But it was only one Dr Pepper each time.

And I was with friends.

It was only social drinking, it's not like I have a problem.

Anyways, I've decided that I'm taking back my Vow. You can berate me all you want, I totally deserve it. I'm going back on my word, but I've decided that Dr Pepper is worth it.

It's so yummy, so bubbly, so very very tasty.

And as I have learned this month, I actually do have a stop button. I just have to use it. So I'm going to continue with the spirit of my Vow and keep really limiting my intake of Dr Pepper to only those times when I'm out with friends and don't want alcohol, but don't want water, or when I am at my in laws house because my Father In Law is exceptionally thoughtful and whenever I come to visit he puts a Dr Pepper in the freezer to make it cold upon my arrival.

How can I say no to that??

Added to all of that, Dave & I are going to Dublin, Texas (home of Dublin Dr Pepper) during our Cinqos Trip (5th Anniversary) this June. I'll have to have some then, won't I?? I mean, if I didn't it would just ruin it for David, and really, it's all about him. :)

So, it's out with the Vow Of Absolutely No Dr Pepper, but I'm still holding strong on my Vow Of Absolute Truth. Can't really take that one back...


Sarah said...

Crap. I've been doing so well with this. Now that you've fallen off the wagon, I'm just not sure I can stay on it...

FaithMom6 said...

I absolutely LOVE reading your blog. Do me a favor, okay? Never change. You're so precious!! You just crack me up too with your humor on being a wife and mother.
You're too cute!! Keep up the good work precious girl!!
Love and warm gentle hugs...