Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's A Good Morning Already...

I love Wednesday mornings. They are kindof my weekend and I spend them totally ignoring all of my usual routines and plans. Wednesdays are for staying in my pajamas until 9 and keeping the kids in theirs as long as possible. They are for having animal crackers for breakfast and not starting the dishes right away. Like I said, Wednesdays are pretty great.

On a usual morning things are completely different. I have a lot to plan and get ready for, and if left it all to that morning I would be a complete mess. My day actually starts the night before.

At Tot's bedtime we take a walk through the house and clean up the mess she has so willingly created. To the tune of the Clean Up Song ("Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Do Your Share, Everybody Everywhere") we pick up all the clothes that we've changed during the day due to diaper leaks or exceptionally messy lunches and we put them in the frog laundry basket in the hallway. Then we change clean up songs "Clean it up! Clean it up! We can make it fun to do and our friends can help us, too!") and begin putting all of the toys into the basket we keep in the living room just for this. Now, I say all this like it is routine, but never underestimate Tot's ability to spend 15 minutes putting 3 toys into a basket that is 2 feet away from her.

After Tot has gone to sleep and Dave and I have watched TV or played a game or done whatever, it's almost time for bed. This is when the most important work gets done. I walk through the house picking things up, turning off lights and locking doors. Then it's time for the kitchen. If it's a school night, then I make Tot's lunch and put it in the fridge and pack up her diaper bag. Packing the diaper bag entails writing her name on three diapers and anything else I may want to put in there. It's a pretty normal thing for preschools who take diaper aged children, but I can't tell you how weird it is to accidentally grab one of those diapers to change Little David and then looking at him next time realizing that he has Tot's name on his butt.

When the diaper bag is packed and her coat and clothes are laid out, then it's time for My David. I lay out his cereal, bowl, and spoon and begin grinding coffee beans and setting the timer for the coffee to begin brewing right as he gets in the shower. Then I double check to make sure anything he needs for work is on the counter by the pantry and finally, lay out my own breakfast and bible and start the dishwasher running with all the dishes from the day. But all is not done, oh no. Next comes laying out clothes for the next day and face washing and teeth brushing. And then finally, sweet sweet sleep.

The mornings then run relatively smooth as most of the prep word has been done, but getting two kids ready to see other people is still a lot of work.

Immediately upon waking up, both kids need diaper changes. They are amazingly squirmy, so I put on a cartoon and try to get the job done. Next is breakfast, which can be anything from eggs to yogurt to bread to teddy grahams (currently the only thing Little David will eat). While they eat, argue (I swear they can do this even though Little David can't talk) and throw things at eachother, I unload the dishwasher and look at my daily calendar (the very awesome "Why Do Men Have Nipples?" calendar, so very funny) and my regular calendar to see if we have anything to do that day, throw a load of clothes into the washer, and sometimes this is when I run and take a shower and get ready myself (sometimes a shower is but a dream until naptime). After the kids have made complete messes of themselves, I take them out of their chairs and wipe them down and change them into their clothes. Then I take the breakfast dishes and put them in the dishwasher and wipe down the kitchen, and maybe even sweep up the floor, depending on just how dirty they made it.

Then, finally, we are ready to go wherever we are supposed to go or have over whoever is supposed to be there.

So you see, this is why I love Wednesdays. Wednesdays we have no where to go, so we stay in our pjs, we eat whatever for breakfast. Instead of dishes and laundry and whatever, while they eat I hop on the internet and blog or peruse other blogs or check my email. They spend a good portion of the morning in their jammies watching cartoons and I pretty much do, too. These are the days we go to the park, go to the zoo, or just stay at home and do nothing. While our routines are never strict, and sometimes they get scrapped altogether, it's so nice to have a day free from the obligation of preparing for everything. It gives the kids time to relax and it most definitely gives me time to relax.

Which reminds me, I have to go. I have a great book to read and Dora the Explorer to watch.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!

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Anonymous said...

I like Wednesdays as well. Even though it is one of my longer days at school, I know that Thursday and Friday are right around the corner and they are less jammed.
I see you changed the Header on your Blog. I started to send a suggestion, but I am very new at all this myself and didn't really know anything to tell you.
Have a GREAT Wednesday!
Love you,