Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's Like The Carrot Sticks All Over Again....

I'm sitting here eating a snack. Because, well, it's snack time.

Tot is eating 6 animal crackers (the number I'm trying to teach her to count to), Little David is eating 1 animal cracker and some bread, and we are all drinking apple juice.

But what is my snack? Is it the animal crackers? The Oatmeal Cream Pies I just bought? The Peeps I got for Tot's School's Easter Egg hunt? Nope.

It's Cucumbers. Lightly salted, sliced cucumbers. And a whole wheat, reduced fat Graham Cracker. And water.

Oh Unsinkable, how low you've sunk.

It's odd, when I want to start dieting it's like some other person inside me will refuse and and insist on only eating pizza and hamburgers. I may just call this person Sally. Sally the Saboteur.
But there are other times when I just feel like eating better. It will start slowly, like eating only 3 slices of pizza instead of 4 (I'm like a black hole when it comes to pizza...and chips...and... anyways). Then I'll start eating breakfast. Then I'll stop snacking so much during the day.

What's so weird about this, is that it happens while I'm not looking. I think Sally has some sort of super powers that she refuses to abuse. Perhaps if I were to actually diet I would become so skinny and so insanely good looking that all of you would hate me on principle. And wouldn't that be awful??

So instead, Sally sabotages all my dieting attempts and gently nudges me to make healthier eating choices until one day I look down and GASP! I'm eating cucumbers!!

I think Sally rationalizes this slight hypocrisy by figuring that if I lose weight by being healthy, I will probably end up a nice healthy weight and therefore, no one will hate me because I'm too insanely good looking. It's kindof nice of her, but I have to admit, I think I would rather just go on a diet and drink chocolate shakes than eat cucumbers. Especially when I realize that they kindof taste good. And they're crunchy.

Stupid Sally. She's made me lose 8 pounds.

ps - the picture is from oregonphotoblog - wouldn't want to steal, would we?

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