Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Favorite Things

First of all, thanks to all of you who read my whine-fest yesterday :) Sometimes you just have to get all the junk out before you can pull it back together and move on. Praise the Lord I have an absolutely awesome husband who can reign in my craziness and give me small things to focus on instead of the giant and usually impossible goals I set for myself, ah how well he knows me.

And now for the real post...

If you know me but at all in real life, odds are you have seen me countless times in my favorite shirts. I probably wear them each once a week and often times to bed. It's probably weird, but never have I had such an attachment to clothing as I have to these tshirts. Because of the depths of my love, Your All Time Unsinkable is going to do a little ode to two of her favorite things, her favorite tshirts.

TShirt Numero A: My "Old Navy" TShirt

I have "Old Navy" in quotes because it's not technically an Old Navy shirt. It's one of those Christian play-on-a-brand-name shirts. The logo says "The Original OLD NAVY One Savior, Twelve Disciples and a Fishing Boat". Now, normally I just wouldn't purchase a shirt like this and you all have to know that, so now is confession time.

I sortof stole this shirt.

Well, technically it was borrowing and never returning, but same thing really. In college I worked at The Big Ragoo (awesome Italian place that is now out of business) and one day I spilled tea all over my work clothes. A friend of mine that also worked there let me borrow a tshirt for the rest of the evening. I kept forgetting to return it to her, because I didn't see her much outside of work. Then one day she quit and I pretty much never saw her. It's now been over 6 years and I have no intention of giving it back. Why? Because it's AWESOME that's why!!

It's the perfect shade of navy blue. It's the perfect sleeve length, the softest material (maybe because I have to wash it so often), the best cut, and it's the tshirt that has looked the best on me through two pregnancies and about 70 pounds of weight fluctuation. How do you give that up? Answer: You Just Don't.

Oh suck. Now I'm at least going to have to email her (stupid facebook putting me in contact with old friends) and let her know I have it. Why Oh Why Do I have such an insistent conscience???

TShirt Number Dos: The "Brew Thru" TShirt.

Now thank heavens, I own this shirt free and clear, although to be frank, I have lied about it once.

It all starts with one of my favorite vacations of all time (second only to the vacation that I'm about to take). I went with my family and my mom's parents (Grandmamma and Gramps) to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I was 19 and my brother was 17 and we spent the whole week driving around the beaches and waking up at dawn to see dolphins and staying up late to hunt for hermit crabs on the beach. My Gramps and Grandmamma were Nags Head Nick and Nelly (Gramps gives himself a nickname every vacation and one for Grandmama to match) and Gramps wore watersocks. Brandon and I spent most of the vacation trying to convince my parents to get us margaritas at every place we ate at, never succeeding. At one point, we saw this giant barn like structure with a neon sign that said "BREW THRU". We thought this was the funniest and coolest thing in existence. Having lived most of our lives in Indiana, we had never seen anything like it. A giant barn (identical to the Beer Barns here in Texas) that you drove through and picked out your alcohol of choice out of refrigerators on either side.

You have to understand something, my family up to this point had been Teetotalers. I mean, not a drop. My grandparents NEVER drank and I remember maybe one time Mom telling me that she and Dad had wine on one anniversary. So Brandon and I thought it was absolutely rock star awesome, when everyone thought it would be funny to drive through and just get a coke and see what the deal was about.

When we got inside, Bran and I immediately spotted the tshirts they had and BEGGED for one. And Miracle of Miracles, my GRANDMAMMA pulled out some money and bought us matching Brew Thru shirts. This cemented my love for the Outer Banks, culminating in my decision to get married there :)

What started out as just a cool and amazingly funny shirt, however, quickly morphed into the most comfortable and cut-exactly-for-me shirt I have ever owned. It surpasses the Old Navy shirt because I've owned it longer, it has a cooler story, my brother and I get to match and well, I didn't steal it.

Which brings me to the lie.

Because I wear this shirt so very much (ie: even when I was pregnant and it looked awful), I truly forget that it is a shirt advertising an alcohol store. It doesn't have any beer logos, it only has a really funny looking guy with his thumb up and a list of all the towns around the Outer Banks. So, one day I wore it to church. Yeah, church. And some one asked me where I got it and such. And then I remembered what I was wearing and why it wasn't appropriate to wear to church. And I said "It's a tea place in North Carolina, you know, Brew Thru".

I'm such a horrible person.
Unfortunately, this was before my Vow Of Absolute Truth and also, I don't remember who asked me so I can't apologize. So, I'll just have to do it here. Sorry I lied about my shirt.

So there you have it, The Unsinkables Favorite Shirts Of All Time. If either of these shirts got damaged or torn or anything, I would without question cry and try to do anything I could to replace them. I have often thought about going to a Tailor and asking if they could some how replicate them, but I would probably get laughed at.

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Tiffany said...

Youjust made me shoot Crysal Light lemonade out of my nose. Thank you.