Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Update On My Gramps

Some of you have been asking how my Gramps is doing after his heart attack & stroke and I am quite pleased to give you this report via my Mom:

Dad update: He is doing so much better. Each day has brought new victories and personal quirks. He still has the same funny personality, only in some cases, funnier. I love that about him. One day he couldn't get out the right word and he used his hand and waved it above his head. As he waved it over, he said, "Don't worry. I have mad cow." If you watch Boston Legal then you know exactly what he was talking about.

He was able to get himself out of his wheelchair and onto the bed by himself. It was a very big deal because he had to put weight on his left leg and it doesn't work. They are working him very hard and he is exhausted by 4:00. He has dinner at 5 and is usually sleeping by 5:30 or 6. I get to visit around 5, and I get about an hour with him before he begins to drift off to sleep.

He can read. He can write his full name. He can feed himself, very slowly. He has trouble with food and it has to be mashed and very soft. He now HAS to eat at least 50 percent of the food on his plate. He can do it at breakfast and lunch, but he only eats about 1/4 of his dinner. We are working on getting him to 50 percent. He is getting better each day. Praise God

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