Friday, April 20, 2007

A Vlog (Video Blog) Just For You

Here's the best that I could do. Please excuse my random stares at the camera and lip synching with Tot. I had no idea I was doing that and it looks a little creepy, but I couldn't get Tot to repeat any of it again, so there you go.

Enjoy my Tot's insane cuteness.

Tot & Mom
Video sent by kdchapman4


Sarah said...

I'm not sure who was funnier in this one, you or the Tot! Had you not pointed out that you were lip syncing everything, I never would've noticed, but now it's all I could see!!!

Tot's precious, of course! I kept waiting for her to say hi to me...but little Caleb definitely takes precedence! ;-)

Cheryl said...

I think I'm going to cry! :) That totally warmed my heart! I can't believe how big she is cause last time we saw her she was only saying about 5 words! Oh how time flies (and also drags).

Btw, thanks for pointing out your mannerisms. Totally made it that much funnier cause I doubt I ever would have noticed otherwise! Too funny!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the other gals...would not have noticed it! Tot is just adorable. I need to get Amber on video!


The Aubrinator said...

She is too cute for words!! I loved it!
I can pretend I got a semi-shout out since we call our boy Bubba at our house, too!

Neina said...

Awesome! You both make me smile :)

LBC said...

What a fantastic way to start my day! I love you guys!

Oh, and I hate to break trend, but I showed the video to my roommates and one of their first comments was that they thought it was funny that you were lip syncing with her and they hadn't read your post. It was very entertaining though!

The Queen: said...

I knew the time would come when she would discover the other "na" in Nana. I'm alittle sad. I got such a kick out of "HI, Na!"
She is winding her little way into my heart so fast ... I miss her.

BTW: Your hair is cute, you sound like such a good mom, and your lip syncing was a hoot in a half. It tickled me cause I have a video where I am doing the same thing with you and Bran. ummmm do you think we're related?

Tiffany said...

Cutest thing ever. Ever.