Sunday, April 15, 2007

We're Probably Bad Parents....

This morning all of us were sick. Coughing, draining yuckiness meant that we were probably not going to church. So I loaded us all up with medicine and we sat around prepared for a day of recuperating and tv watching and not much else.

Funny enough, cold medicine can affect kids in one of two ways. It can either make them very lethargic and quite sleepy or it can make them the exact opposite. And wouldn't you know, our kids get the opposite. It's not like I have calm children to begin with, so this medicine amped them up to unprecedented activity levels. Dave and I were now sick, cranky, tired and pretty annoyed.

But David had a genius idea.

We put the kids in Tots room, put a babygate in the doorframe (neatly locking them in), and then set up a portable DVD player on a tiny table in the hallway. Strong.


This occupied them for about 15 minutes, long enough for David and I to decide that if we wanted to feel better at all, we were going to have to do something. So, we did what I promised I would never do, no matter how old my kids got.

We put a TV & DVD player in Tot's room. Sigh. I know.

I never wanted to do this, because I know that watching too much TV isn't good for kids and having one in their room makes it so easy to forget that it's better for them to just play outside. But MAN, all those reasons sounded very dumb compared to the very good possibility of chasing the kids around all day while I was feeling absolutely awful and David wasn't much better. So we got a TV from David's man land (don't worry, I'll post about that someday) and the DVD player from our room (that we never use) and put them on Tot's dresser and behold: The kids were mesmerized.

In fact, they started to play so well in there that we decided to make Tot's room into a bedroom/playroom. We went to Target, got a bright pretty rug and a toybox. When we got home and set it all up, the whole family watched Shrek 2 and played with toys. Pretty great sick day, huh?
Anyways, I feel a little bad about starting the TV in the room thing so early, but I figure this: She can only watch DVD's (we didn't hook up cable), and she can't turn on the TV on her own, nor can she touch the DVD player, so the amount she watches is totally up to me. Also, since we don't have an actual playroom, this works out perfectly. The kids have somewhere to play while I'm doing stuff around the house and they won't be all underfoot (which they are. Constantly.) and they can play in there together and have lots of fun.
Which brings me to my next thing to tell you guys.
You need to watch this video because my Tot is the cutest thing in the whole world. I could just eat her up :)

04.15.2007 014
Video sent by kdchapman4


The Aubrinator said...

Cute video! We call our boy Bubba, too. :)
As for the TV...take it from the PTC TV expert here, just don't hook up the cable!!!!! The limits available to you now seem reasonable but with cable it all goes down hill in a kids room! Just ask me how I saw R-rated Revenge of the Nerds in 2nd grade--cousin had cable in her bedroom!

Rachelle said...

We haven't put a TV in the kids room permanently, but we do occasionally when we really need/want them distracted. ;-) Hope you guys are feeling better!

LBC said...

Loved the video! I only had to try to load it like 50 times before I was able to see it all - gotta love our internet here. I laughed out load when Taylor called lil David her best friend and then promptly pushed him down. And I see that we are still working on the over aggressive displays of affection! What a great big sister!

Cash Girlz said...

We did the playroom idea. It worked out nice for a while.(Didn't think to put the t.v. in)
We moved Patrick in with Sierra to make a true bedroom. It back fired on us because Patrick cried a lot at night and we would find Sierra with a pillow over her head to block out the sound.
Have fun give lots of kisses for us

Nathan and Nicole McIntyre said...

No, you're not bad parents. Bad parents wouldn't have put a baby gate up...Safety first!