Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cabin Fever

Okay, if it doesn't stop raining here soon, I'm going to go insane. I mean, certifiably insane.

Now, I love rain as much as the next person, and I love cloudy and gray weather, too. After all, I did grow up in Indiana and lived in Michigan. And there is a reason I moved to Texas. I LIKE THE SUN MORE. Well, that and Dave wanted to live here, but you know.

We are now at the end of May and the entire month we have had almost constant rain, clouds, and severe weather. This week was the first week I haven't heard the tornado sirens in I don't know how long. People are mowing their lawns like crazy in the early morning hours, just trying to play catch up because the more it rains the higher the grass gets and the more frequently you must cut it. For a region that rarely needs to break out the lawnmower more than once every two weeks in a usual summer, this mowing every three days junk is getting on our nerves.

Technically, it's getting on our neighbors nerves. The Chapman household has called a moratorium on mowing the front yard because while it is the part of our house that everyone sees, it is also the muddiest, yuckiest, and smallest part. Being on the point of a curved street where wind whips the grass away has made our little yard (you can't even call it a lawn), a patchy little nothing of a yard and while mowing does chop down some weeds and grass, mostly it just tills up the mud that this rain has created and makes it look even worse. So our neighbors are going to have to deal with the weeds for another week.

And lest I forget the original purpose of this blog, the CABIN FEVER. Tot and I thrive on getting outside and doing something. I love to take walks around the park almost daily, or walk to the library, or really anything that gets our little trio outside. Tot just loves to run around in circles and go nuts and burn off all that energy her little body some how contains. Little David doesn't really care where we are as long as he is attached to my hip like a barnacle, or at least within grabbing distance.

Needless to say, Tot and I are going nutso. She's running all over the house getting into new things every day, and apparently working on her vocabulary in the off season. She has started talking up a storm and saying words Dave and I had no idea she knew, and talking about concepts we thought we far beyond her little scope.

For instance, last night, we had just put Little David down for the night and Tot comes in to the living room and tells us she needs to use the Big Girl Potty and make poops (hilarious in and of itself). Elated, we race to the bathroom and she climbs up to the Big Girl Potty (she's past the tiny potty, and now uses the big one with a little seat on top, which by the way, is easy to forget about until you sit on it yourself. Not quite big enough for a grown up booty). She shucks off her pull up and sits and says "I go poo poo now, Mommy, I need my potty book peas." I hand her her copy of some Bearenstein Bears book, that she only gets to read on the Big Girl Potty, and we wait. The waiting is broken up with a few college tries to go poopoo, quickly followed by squeals of laughter. She thinks the trying is quite funny. In fact, we spend most of the time in there with her fake trying and then shrieking laughter. I ask her if she'd like to try again later and she says "No Mommy, Poo Poo not coming. We wait for poo poo." And so we wait. Eventually we get a toot, and she decides that that is good enough. "I all done now Mommy. I go watch Ter Pan (Peter Pan)."

I seriously have come thisclose to videotaping her trying to go to the bathroom and then laughing. If it weren't worlds of inappropriate, I would SO do it and post it here for all of you to watch. Seriously the funniest thing I've ever seen.

You know, talking about our Funny Tot has made the rain not seem so bad. I guess if nothing else, not being able to go play outside has enabled me to focus more on their funny day-to-day activities. It could be worse :)

But you had better know that as soon as that sun peeks out, I'm going to be loading up the double stroller, our bags of bread crusts and our library books, and we'll be heading out and not coming back until we're sun burnt and exhausted. Ah, good times.

"Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship"
Romans 12:1


Sarah said...

I can just imagine going crazy inside with two little ones. Please send all that rain my way. We haven't had rain in a long time and it's terribly dry here. (So bad that THREE days last week, we had hazy smoky smelly days from the wildfires in South GA/North FL...hundreds of miles away!)

Cat said...

I ditto Sarah's comment. Everything here is dying we are in such a drought. We need a few good days of rain so desperately. Please pass them our way!

Tiffany said...

Ditto to both Sarah and Cat -- you Texans are hogging all the rain while half of Florida and Georgia are on fire. Thanks, guys. I've loved breathing smoke for the past four weeks. No really -- I have. Black lung is AWESOME!

If you want to get away from the rain, come on over to Tallahassee -- I promise that you'll have all of the dry weather you could hope for! (Plus, I'm a little lonely...)

Sarah said...

Hey, that'd make a great band name - "Black Lung".

Anonymous said...

It finally rained here today after 2 weeks of hot humid nothing. Do you have the book of 1001 indoor activities for kids? I have no clue if one exists. If it doesn't, I would like a cut of the profit.

as a suggestion on the lawn...just take a weed eater to it. May be a little more time consuming, but it won't till up the mud.