Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Heck-a-Cool: My New Toy

Okay, for starters, I have the best husband in the world. This is the new toy that he got me. This, Unsinkable Readers, is the new iPod Shuffle. SO tiny (like the size of a quarter), it holds up to 240 4-minute songs, and will play for approximately 12 hours. Rock Star Awesome. And it's pink. I do love myself some pink.
And let me tell you, I can hardly wait to work out tomorrow. Up until this point I was working on my fitness while trying to watch Frazier or read some outdated issue of Men's Heath or BodyBuilder Weekly. My gym is comprised of mostly senior citizens and hardcore bodybuilders. Go figure. Regardless, I was getting bored VERY fast, and was starting to wane on my workouts. So David, being the coolest hubby that he is, got me this little flashy toy to spur me on in my fitness endeavors.
Here's to having the best husband in the world and not having to read any more articles on male pattern baldness!!


Calamity Jean said...

Yay for great hubbys!! I love working out with my ipod it makes it go so much faster. I am jealous that yours is pink! Yoga is on Mond and Wed and I may go on Friday mornings starting next week. I would love to have you!! Have a good wed.

The Queen: said...

I think pink is an unsinkable color for you missy! I would also have to agree that you have the best husband in the world. I would have handpicked him for you! You are two little peas in a pod. You remember that peas come from pods, right? You seem to have a gap in your veggie memory.
:) Love ya.

Robin said...

What more can you ask for...there is nothing better to hear than your mom complimenting your husband...of course mom's compliment your kids...they are a part of them...but your husband...that is some great stuff!

James got me an MP3 player for our anniversary this year too! It makes my trips on the eliptical a lot more productive...(I stay on there longer! LOL) It is small, not as tiny as a shuffle, but it has an arm band and is excellent!

Cheryl said...

Dude. It's "Hecka" not "Heck-a." Get it right! :)

What happened to your old shuffle?

The Queen: said...

Good question, Cheryl. I am interested to see how Unsinkable answers your question. hee hee.
I would like to say she is looking out for those less fortunate, but I think it has more to do with mothering two babies. LOL. I do so love her stories. Rock on, Unsinkable.