Friday, May 11, 2007

Life Of A Diaper Bag

Okay, this is the funniest post ever, and I got it from Sarah. You are to detail the contents of the bag you carry daily. Not your special purse, the gotta-go-to-the-store purse. Guys, if any of you feel so inclined, I guess you can do this on your wallet, unless you carry a "murse".

And so we continue.....

I need to first say that I do carry and exceptionally "Mom" diaper bag. It's not trendy, it's not high fashion (like I am ever high fashion), and at every chance I get, I empty it out and transfer my belongings into a much cooler tiny Coach purse that I got for Christmas. But I will still rally to it's defense.

This is the best diaper bag EVER. Now, you should believe me because this isn't my only foray into the diaper bag world. I have had over ten diaper bags and each time I come back to my standby, the green Eddie Bauer bag. Had I only listened to my Aunt Dana, I never would have even tried to stray.
Months before Tot was born, I visited Indiana where my Aunt Dana gave me my very first baby gift: This bag. She told me specifically that it was the best bag, that she had tried them all, and that it was the only bag I would ever need. I nodded solemnly and believed her.
After Tot was born, I started noticing other peoples bags. They were shiny. They had special fabric, anti bacterial liners, extra pockets, pacifier clips, insulated pouches, changing pads in complimentary fabrics, they were BIGGER. And I wanted them. I wanted them all.
So, I bought a new one. And another new one. And another new one. And each and every time, I came back to the Eddie Bauer bag. Why? Because it's the perfect size, no matter how many kids you have. It fits pretty much just what you need and not much more. It is sturdy, it's comfy to wear, and it's non intrusive. No one comments on it, no one notices it. It just gets the job done.
And so, after only one other trial bag after Little David was born (I was convinced I needed more room), I have been committed to the EB bag since. It's been a wonderful year of not worrying about my diaper bag, just ready, steady usage.

Now that my Ode to the Diaper Bag is over, let's take a look at whats inside....

Since first and foremost this is a diaper bag, I'll start there. I keep two diapers for each kid, totalling four Pampers, size 5, diapers. Yes, they wear the same size. Tot has small hips and Little David is basically a giant. Also included are the requisite diaper cream, wipes, and anti-bacterial hand stuff. Because with a squirmy Tot there isn't always the option for hand washing, and after diaper changes, you NEED to feel anti bacterial.

Next is the safety stuff. I have the cutest little First Aid kit that a local hospital sent me (I still don't go there, though). It contains Batman band aids, lots of burn creams, neosporin (which maybe I'll have to take out), and girl stuff and my best friend, Tylenol. For both me and the kids. I use it much more. And of course, the nasal aspirator, because if Baby's got a boog, you need to act quickly.

And because no diaper bag is complete with out ways to keep the kids occupied, we have Toys & Snacks. I rotate the toys pretty often, because the kids tire quickly. Currently, we have a book we got for Easter, a shopping bag with Easter eggs in it, a play set of keys that Laura Beth made for Tot out of real live keys, and some bubbles and stuff. Lest we forget the snacks, we have fruit snacks, goldfish (every Mom's staple), and Nilla wafers. I usually keep a granola bar in there for me, too, but I ran out this week and haven't replaced it. Hey, Momma gets hungry and cranky, too.

Now we move on to the adult side of the bag, which is roughly 1/8 of the kid side. But don't you worry, I manage to pack a punch on my side.
As always, here are the basics. My keys, which there are relatively few of, since I eschew any responsibility that requires extra keys. The car clicker is on there, my gym membership tag, and my home alarm buttons, that I never use because they scare me. Also, my Razor phone, that I adore and would only adore more if it were pink like Sarahs, but since David and I were sharing it for awhile we opted for silver. And my awesome wallet, which also isn't very pretty, but it's eminently practical. My mom got it for me from, and while I had a much cuter wallet at the time, I immediately switched and I have never looked back. My wallet obviously includes the debit cards, the insurance cards for all of our family, the random other cards, the fat drivers license picture (sigh), and my favorite: our tiny, embossed, marriage license.

Next is my favorite, my tiny girly bag. I got the little black bag for a dollar at Target. There is the Arbonne hand lotion, chap stick, tiny lip glosses, more Tylenol (my secret stash), more girl stuff, hair clips and holders, eyeglass cleaner, eyeshadow, the best pens ever, and my iPod shuffle (I love you, shuffle!). The best part is that all of this stuff fits in the worlds tiniest little bag. Makes me so happy.

And finally, in the back pocket, are my calculator and coupons for shopping trips. The calculator keeps me on budget, and the coupons give me a reason to get more clothes. Perfect.

So there you have it, into the Unsinkable's diaper bag. Did you ever think you would know me so well?


Sarah said...

Great post. And I laughed out loud at the "murse".

I think I'm gonna start keeping goldfish in MY bag!

The Queen: said...

Murse... I thought Joey called it a "man bag?" :)

Cash Girlz said...

Wow! That Aunt Dana what a wise experienced woman. You are so blest to have such a guide. I'm surprised to read that the bag has held up so long. Eddie Bauer will be happy to know this too.