Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Indiana Home

Oh Friends, How I have missed you! It's only been five days (ish), but it's felt like a week. It took me probably an hour this morning to catch up on all my blog friends, and I still have more left! Today I am pretty much taking a break from all productivity because there are four men over here working on our AC unit. It ever so politely broke right before we had to leave for Indiana, so that while we were waiting for parts to come in, we were in much cooler weather. Regardless, having a house full of workers kindof limits what you can do during the day, so I've just been tidying up around the house and trying to keep Tot from dancing in the hall where they were working.

But anyways, on to the trip!

I had such a wonderful time, that I will try to relay it all in pictures. I realize that that is cheating, but I can't possibly tell you everything that happened. I could do it in installments, but that would be exhausting. So, here we go!

Friday was Daves and My 5th anniversary! We spent the first part of the day loading everyone up and driving to the airport and flying two hours to Indiana. It was AWESOME to see everyone there and the rest of the afternoon was spent driving around and seeing all of our family and friends in various places. But the best part of the day (sorry everyone else), was the evening. My totally wonderful family, and most excellent cousins, watched the kids while David and I got to go on a real live all by ourselves date. We went to my favorite pizza place, Pizza King, and then walked around my favorite park, Shadyside, for almost two hours. What better way to spend your anniversary then time alone with eachother? Well, that and ending the night with Dairy Queen was pretty sweet.

Then we picked up mom at the airport and the weekend officially begun! Because the party never really starts until Mom's around :)

The next day we all milled around the house, eating breakfast and playing with the new toys Mom brought the kids. She got Tot a little newborn Cabbage Patch doll, whom Tot named Big Girl, and has not let out of her sight since. Bubba got some adorable bug toys that he's loving to chew on.

Around noon, we got to the church where the party was, and proceeded to eat, talk and hug the rest of the day. My grandparents had quite the turn out for their 50th anniversary party, and they looked wonderful. My Aunt Dana and Aunt Susan planned the whole thing and it couldn't have been more perfect. We had just the right amount of food (I still maintain that the strawberries were meant to be leftovers), and the decorations were gorgeous. It was so very much fun!

Added to the awesomeness, were again, my cousins, who watched my kids while I flittered around talking to friends I hadn't seen in years. I somehow missed getting a picture of Colleen, except in the group shot, but here is my 15 year old cousin, Karen, who is getting crazy pretty and I can't believe how old she is. I have a picture of me holding her watching TV when she was just a newborn (side note: I actually have a permed mullet in that picture, so I'll never post it). My cousins were just so much fun this weekend and I really wish that I lived closer to see them more.
And here is the picture of our family, minus my Dad, Brandon and his family, who couldn't be there. The only way the weekend could have been better would have been for them to be there. But we hobbled along anyways, and had a great time together, culminating in the slumber party that night. We ordered a ton of pizza, in addition to all the leftovers, and stayed up until way past our bedtime. Mammaw was the first to nod off, followed by Dave (who was just exhausted and starting to get allergy yucky), then Pappaw, then me, then the girls, then finally my Mom and my aunts and uncles, who stayed up until around 1am chit chatting. I seriously have the best family in the whole world.

The next morning was Sunday, and we went to my home church, Lindberg Rd Church of Christ. I loved worshipping with my family again, in the "Grile Pew", and filling the whole thing up. It's a great thing to be a part of a whole family believing in Christ. After church we rounded up the old youth group, and took a picture. We missed some, but gained a bazillion kids and spouses! Later that evening, Dave, Tot & I left Little David asleep at home, and went out with our friends Steve & Tangie and their girls, and Adam & Kelly and their new son. We had more pizza at another of my favorite places, Mancino's, and stayed until the place closed, laughing and deciding to bring old hand gestures back to our vernacular. Tot got along famously with Zada and Reagan, and I think if we lived there would have friends for life. She had so much fun, in fact, that we barely had to do anything with her all through dinner. She was just jabbering away and playing with the girls. Then we toured the new building at church and chatted more until we all had to go home or fall asleep in the foyer.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Sunday afternoon we spent almost entirely outside. This picture is my second favorite tree in my grandparents yard. My all time favorite had to be cut down a couple years ago, and it still makes me sad. Stupid rot. Anyways, this is now my favorite I guess, it's HUGE and give the yard so much shade and I've always thought it was beautiful. It was great to see my kids run around and play underneath it just like I have done my whole life. I don't think I've ever seen grass so green or soft as in their yard. It's perfect for laying down and just playing around. Brandon and I spent a ton of time there (well, when we weren't playing their Nintendo), and I have the best memories.

While we were there, Tot learned how to roll down the hills, and Bubba perfected an even cooler trick: Standing!!

That's right, Little David is now an officially standing man. He's been trying it for awhile, but hadn't just gotten it down. This weekend, he starting standing all the time, even when we weren't around to force him to try :)

Look at how grown up he's looking! Now, if he starts walking before his first birthday, I'm gonna lose a dollar to Dave. Suck.

And here again, is my sweet baby boy, wearing his super cool "1" hat that my Aunt Dana got him. In addition to perfecting standing, Little David also learned how to crawl up stairs crazy fast and Aunt Dana even taught him how to go back down without falling (which is key). He is now an official champ!

And last but certainly not least, here is a picture of my youngest girl cousin, Sierra. She was so amazingly wonderful, watching the kids all weekend and playing with them, and generally just being awesome. Not only is she great with my babies, she's a wonderful ballerina (she's been in the Nutcracker for years), and is just beautiful.

You know, this seems to be a pattern. If I heard it once, I heard it a thousand times that my cousins were wonderful, that the whole church loved them, and that they were good, strong christian examples. I couldn't have asked for better cousins!

To end the weekend, on Monday we ate our way through town. We started the day with wedding cake for breakfast (well, technically it was anniversary cake, but whatever), then hit White Castle for our mid morning snack. Then we were off to Gene's for Hot Dogs and Rootbeer, where David and I also got shirts. And we wrapped it all up with a trip to Fraziers for a Butter Pecan sundae and a visit across the street to see the ducks and turtles.

So, to summerize: It was a fantasticly awesome trip, I have an almost perfect family and I can't wait until the next time I see them all. Hopefully, it won't be another year and a half!!

And now... the countdown to Cinqos begins!! 15 days left Baby!!

"I've been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself up for me." Galatians 2:20

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Robin said...

What an awesome way to wrap up your busy weekend here! It was great to read it, since I wasn't able to see you very much this time! I can't believe that you had sliders before the plane ride though! Now that is what I call STRONG! LOL