Thursday, May 17, 2007

Zippety Do Dah! Zippety A!

My oh my, it's starting out to be a wonderful day already. By the way, if I have misspelled Zippety A, you know too much about Disney.

Anyways, WOW. What a great day already!! It's 56 degrees outside, a perfect morning temperature, and it's sunny and gorgeous. The lawn got mowed last night (thank you, sweetie), and I have a feeling we will finally get to play outside today.

But the best part of today? Hands down, The Tot. In the short hour that she's been awake, I have already laughed so hard and hugged her so much that I just can't stand it. Here are the highlights:

6:35am - Tot & I are in my bed, she's watching Oobi and I'm trying to eek out another 30 min of sleep. Tot stands on the bed and looks down at me and says "Mommy!! I a GIANT!" and lifts her tiny hands above her head into claws and goes "FEE FI FO FUMMMMM!". Seriously, I about died. Then she falls on me and laughs and says "Oh Mommy, I so silly!"

6:45 - "Mommy no sleep anymore. Tickle me!"

6:55 - "Mommy I color picture for Daddy. I color Cat"

7:05 - "Mommy, I pick up all my crayons all by self. I so good."

7:15 - "OOOOhhh! Mommy! A little 'A'!! I see big 'A'!" (we're working on the letter A)

7:25 - "Mommy make list? Ooohh! Mommy make stars! More stars Mommy! More Stars Mommy! Ooohhhh. Pretty stars. Good Mommy. I love you, my Mommy!"

Seriously, do I not have the cutest child alive?? And then little David woke up and the adorableness expanded into heretofore unknown quantities. I just may explode from sheer happiness.


LBC said...

What a fantastic day so far! I love how much Taylor is talking now. I just cannot wait to get back to hear her in person!

The Canterburys said...

Ah, Splash Mountain...Good times.

When do you think you'll be taking the Tot to Disney World?