Monday, June 25, 2007

No Library Card? For Shame!!

Okay, You know who you are. You haven't been to the library since college, and even that was a stretch. You don't read much, and when you do, you just go and buy the book or borrow it. You last went to a public library sometime when you were a kid, and all you remember is rows and rows of Civil War histories and Steinbeck novels. And good grief, who has the time to go to the library, anyways?

You do!!!

If you aren't going to your public library and actively using all they have to offer, well, I am just ashamed. Sure and I can't believe that anyone so smart and so suave enough to read this very blog doesn't have a library card! Do you know what you are missing?? Surely you don't, because if you did you would look up your local branch right this second (well, after you finished this post) and scurry on over there after work, or right away with your kids in tow.

The library has come a long way since the book mobile, friends. Today, your local library holds far too many treasures to ignore. They have books, sure, but they also have CD's, VHS, DVD's, internet, book clubs, tutoring for school kids, adult literacy programs, storytime for kids, guestspeakers, summer reading contests, and so much more. Basically, they are made of awesomeness and I seriously can't believe you aren't going!!

For instance, just this week I made a trip to our library with the kids. Since we live less than a mile away, I load up the kiddos in the double stroller and we walk there. Once there, I let Tot pick out a couple of books for herself and then while she is looking at them, I pick out a kids CD to listen to while we do our errands this week. I picked Sweet Honey on the Rock, an African group that sings songs that feature counting in different languages and some Rock Star Awesome songs in tribal languages. Then I move over to the DVD section and get a Sesame Street DVD for the Tot, you know, to shake things up a little. Next, I stop on over to the adult section and pick out the first few books in Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. She's got a new one out, and I've already got it reserved here at my library so I don't have to pay $20.00 for a hardcover book I'll only read a few times. After this, we check out, where I pick up some books that I had on hold, and walk back home. Later, I hop online and look at the movies that they have. I reserve some TV series that I want to catch up on and also the movie Jewel of the Nile, because I've been in an 80's mood.

I get to read the newest books, see movies that I want to watch but don't necessarily want to buy, and get Tot an ever revolving selection of music, movies and stories and I don't make myself bankrupt in the process. This isn't even mentioning the Summer Reading contest that I entered both of the kids in (we get prizes for every 5 hours I read to them), or the storytime each week where they get to make crafts and play with musical instruments as well as hear a story.

The best part of this? Every single thing is FREE. Yes, that's right. The sum total of all this entertainment is $0. Why pay however much a month for Netflicks when I can just hop online and reserve the movies at the library for FREE and keep them for a week? Why buy my kids $10 books at the bookstore (only to be torn, colored on and eventually rendered useless) when I can check out a massive amount of books (seriously, something like 30 books at a time) for FREE? Why spend $13 on a CD that I'm not sure the kids will like or I will tolerate? There is just no reason.

So friends, in summation. If you are not using your local library, it is basically a crime against humanity and The Unsinkable. For the love of Pete, go get a library card. You mom will love you more, and you will be esteemed by all men for your prudent judgement.


emily said...

I LOVE the library. The first thing I did after having Monkey was to go get a library card. Obviously, a 4 month old doesn't have much use for a library yet, but get all sorts of things for myself. I get one of my favorite TV series there and it's free compared to the $20 a month we were paying for Blockbuster online.

I can't wait until Monkey is older and we can take advantage of the countless other resources they have there.

Sarah said...

I have to admit that I've been a little scared of the library. I had a semi-traumatic experience with the White County Library in Searcy when I was a kid, and I'm pretty sure I was banned for life.

However, you did inspire me. Last weekend I gathered the courage and went to check out our local library. I got my libary card with no trouble (and no sirens, bells or whistles went off), and I checked out my first book! (Ann Brashares of Traveling Pants fame has a new series out!)

But I will still forever use Netflix.

The Aubrinator said...

Preach on, Sister!
Nothing on this earth makes me happier than knowing I am going to the library! I think I got my card before my phone and electricity was turned on the past 2 times I moved!!

Robin said...

A good movie that I just checked out from the library was One Night with the King. It is the story of Esther and I really liked it! If you haven't seen you, you ought to see if your library has it!
Peyton loves it when I check out Miss Patty Cake DVD's too!

Sarah said...

I've officially tagged you for a super fun FOOD meme. See my blog (6/25).

The Queen: said...

You come from a long, long line of library users. :) I think you had your first card before you were 4. We went to the bookmobile when you were little and we have been going ever since. I, too, love the library. It is free and now that it is online, it's much easer. Free movies, free books, free cds... great!

I would have to recommend the PBS or A&E videos. They are really good. Frontier House is a favorite. i listened to my first "Chant" cd from the library. It was good in a catholic-men's choir-sort of way. It was very restful in the morning while on my deck sipping coffee and communing with nature! :)
Love ya, kiddo.