Monday, June 18, 2007

Quick Prayer

Hey guys, please pray for Baby Ethan the minute you read this. He is currently (10:00am) getting a test to see if the Leukemia has responded to chemotherapy. If he has anything more than 0% Leukemia, the Doctors will be unable to do a transplant and will send him and his parents home to wait until he "dies peacefully".

PLEASE pray for God to work a miracle in this little boy and for him to have NO leukemia. His parents have been such witnesses for the Lord and this could be an amazing opportunity for so many people to see the faithfulness of God.

As always, we are thankful no matter the outcome, because he has lived this long. But as Ethan's father, Ben, says at the end of each post: Prayer Works.

UPDATE: Hurray!!! There was 0% Leukemia!!!!! How awesome is that?! They are now on full speed ahead with a transplant. To read more about Baby Ethan, his Dad & Mom write daily updates on their website: Praise God for his faithfulness.

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