Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Stats, Yo.

Weighing in at a staggering 27.5 lbs, I bring you the Champ, David Wayne Chapman III!!

Yes Friends, you read that right. We had his One Year well-baby checkup on Tuesday (we're a little late) and "Little" David weighs TWENTY SEVEN and a half pounds. That is one big kid. In fact, the doctor weighed him a second time because David has gained 4 pounds since April. Wowzers! He's about 31" tall now and I can't remember his head circumference, only because both of those things were in the normal growth curve. His weight, however, jumped from the 10% at birth, to the 70% at 10 months to the 95% now. That is what I remembered :)

The doctor wasn't concerned about it at all, especially since Little David isn't walking yet, we both figure that when he starts moving he'll lean out a bit. Until then, I'm taking in a the chubby snuggles I can, there is just nothing better.

As for development, he's really quite normal in most aspects. He's sleeping good, eating good, and moving around at the speed of light. Not walking, but I'm not too worried about that. Kids walk at such randomly different ages that to worry about it is stupid. Besides, when he starts walking I'll be really, really tired.

So, instead of boring you with the normal baby updates, I'll give you his newest quirks.

1. When he gets upset, he still puts his face in the carpet and cries. It's the saddest thing in the world.

2. When I am laying on the floor playing with the kids, he comes up to me and lifts my shirt and blows raspberries on my tummy and cackles like a hen. I think this is his favorite game. It's not mine, because aside from not being particularly fond of watching my stomach undulate like waves, I'm terrified he will bite me.

3. He hates too much loud noise and despises the vacuum cleaner. He just lays there with his face in the carpet, crying, until I'm finished.

4. He gives THE best hugs in the universe. He grabs your neck and tries to bury his whole body there. It's the sweetest, most wonderful feeling ever.

5. He is remarkably unselfish with his toys. Tot takes the poor kids toys all the time (especially when Mommy isn't looking) and he just calmly gets something else to play with.

6. He loves his Daddy and squeals with joy everytime Dave walks through the door, even if he was just taking out the trash. True idol worship.

7. He has insanely strong little arms. From outside of the bathtub, he can grab the faucet and almost pull his entire body into the tub. He always does this while I'm trying to use the bathroom and can't get to him quick enough. Thankfully, he hasn't succeeded in what I can only assume is his goal of diving into the bathtub for a quick wash.

8. He loves Cheetos, and I am a bad mom for giving them to him.

9. He can pack away more applesauce than I can.

10. Seriously, he is the most good natured happiest little thing ever. Tot was always happy, and still usually is, but she has always been so active. David is such an easygoing, calm child. He loves to snuggle and loves to play quietly. He isn't demanding, unless he's teething (like he is right now) and then he is a beast to behold.


The Aubrinator said...

He is just so cute! I love that "peeking" picture and your hug descriptions.

Robin said...

I love reading your new "quirks" with the kids! It makes the things that I think are quirks or things that are so different seem halfway normal!!! Gavin also is a lot more calm natured than his sister! Peyton is incredibly bossy to her little bro and I have even heard her say, "Momma said NO!" We are working on that one!

Nicole said...

Too cute!