Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Eureka & Pizza!!!

It's back, baby!!! My all time favorite summer activity is back!! Oh the excitement is in my marrow and I think I may burst from the alltime awesomeness that is "Eureka & Pizza"!!

For those of you who think I'm hopped up on crazy pills, let me explain.

Last year David and I saw commercials for a new show on the SciFi channel. It looked quirky and we thought that we'd watch the pilot and see if it was worthy of our TiVo'ing it to watch when nothing better was on.

How naive we were.

Soon after the 2 hour pilot we were planning our entire week around Tuesday nights. Schedules were cleared, plans were cancelled, bedtimes were earlier, and menus were changed. We even titled the night "Eureka & Pizza", like everyone should know what we were talking about -

"What are you guys doing tonight?"
"Umm, Eureka & Pizza, duh. Isn't everyone??"

Tuesday nights were no longer just the night a certain show was on, they were events.

About 7:30pm each Tuesday we called up our favorite pizza place (Dominos) and ordered our favorite meal (Brooklyn Style Canadian Bacon, Cheesy Bread and Dr Pepper). At 7:45pm we started the diapers and pj's process for the kids and I topped off Little David with his last nursing before bed. By 8:00 pm, the kids were asleep, the pizza had arrived and the show was beginning.

Dave and I had created the perfect Mid Week Date Night.

So today, preparations are already underway for this most perfect of nights. I plan to eat a little less today to make room for the delicious pizza (for example: I only ate one muffins worth of Blueberry muffin batter this morning instead of two muffins worth. See how good I am??), walk a little more, and have all my chores done so I can fully experience the show with no leftover laundry guilt (if I get all this laundry done it will be a Eureka Day Miracle). Instead of ordering our pizza from Dominos tonight, we decided to try to go with a more wallet and waist friendly option of home made pizza and Diet Dr Pepper. This way, we get the added fun of making our own pizza with the kiddos before bed and...who am I kidding? Dollars to Donuts we'll be ordering Dominos next week :) I'll just have to amp up the exercise...and maybe cut out that muffin batter altogether...sigh.

Anyways, tonight is sure to be a fun filled evening snuggled up on the couch with my best pal watching the season premiere of our favorite summer show. Jack Carter will be back with his beer & cereal and charming cluelessness and I simply can't wait.

Now all I have to do is laundry.


Maude said...

Dominos is your favorite pizza place? Giiirrrrrl, you need a Rosati's!! :)

Sarah said...

Ok, never seen or heard of it, but since you love it SO much, I added Season 1 Disc 1 to my Netflix. So we'll see! (I'm usually not a SciFi kinda gal)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I have no clue what this show is, but this entry cracked me up! Enjoy your date night - it was nice to "meet" you tonight!