Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Some one make me do laundry.

I hate it with a soul sucking passion but I CAN NOT let it invade Eureka & Pizza!!

I have just finished folding the massive pile of clothes on our bed, and now I have to put them away. Sigh. Why is this so hard??

(I know the answer. It's because I don't do a load every day and keep the beast at bay. I wait until no one in the house (re: me) has clean underroos and the laundry has to be done out of necessity. At least there is some level of self awareness here.)


Angela Stone said...

"Why do we dread doing things we'll never regret" like laundry and dishes and cleaning up the clutter? To this I have no idea. Its the question I asked the other day to a few people and haven't found an answer. I don't know what I hate doing more, laundry or dishes? But when both are done it feels great and yet until the moment they are done I HATE THEM!

Cash Girlz said...

I will do your laundry if you will organize my house. Laundry has for a while, an ending. Keeping things organized never stops. It's like digging a hole, just when you think your done, you turn around and a big pile of dirt just fell back in the hole. I will tell you that now that my children are older I have more diggers. Love you!