Friday, July 20, 2007

Why Today Is Rock Star Awesome

1. I'm going to see Harry Potter 5 tonight with my best pal and have some beer battered onion rings....mmmm.

2. 5 words. Peppermint Double Chocolate Chip Frappachino.

3. Harry Potter 7 is out TOMORROW (seriously, I may die).

4. I just picked up some great books at the library (that I won't read until I finish HP7)

5. Dave got Cheryls car up and running like a top last night and it's sitting in my driveway reminding me that the McFaddins will be home crazy soon!

6. As of today, I've lost 6 pounds this month. I am a super star.

Seriously, what a great day, huh??


Scott said...

David is a champion!! He is the Rock Star for today!

Nicole said...

I seriously may pass out due to the sheer excitement of the new Harry Potter book. I did get an opportunity to get a free ticket to six flags and lots of help with the young one, so we'll be doing that tomorrow instead of reading. I figured that I've waited this long for the book that I can spend the day with my family before I delve into my Harry Potter cocoon. I heart Harry Potter!