Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday: A List of What I Do Even When I'm Not "Doing" Anything

What works for me this Wednesday is not going nuts. Now, that may seem a little random, but if you know me in real life, it's not random at all. I have this tendency to go overboard and to go all out and to whip myself into a major frenzy over my list of to-do's and lists of goals for every aspect of my life. These lists are so unattainable that I drive myself nuts thinking that I'm living in absolute squalor with ratty kids and an unsatisfied husband.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

At almost every moment, our home is less than 20 minutes away from being "company ready". The kids are pretty well behaved (for toddlers) and exetremly happy and are (usually) clean, too. Dave constantly tells me that I'm doing a good job, so all the complaints are pretty much in my head.

So, today I'm going to shake off all that smack talk that I do to myself, and make a list of the things that I do, even when I'm not "doing" anything. The things that I just do normally without having a plan, or a challenge, or an extravaganza, or a list to make me do them. If I'm going to be a goob enough to think that I'm not working hard enough, then apparently I need a list to tell me what I'm doing right so I shut up.

And here we go:

1. I clean up something whenever I am on the phone. No matter who I'm talking to or what I'm talking about, I'm always straightening something or decluttering something or putting stuff away.

2. I clean off my kitchen countertops every day. I never let stuff pile up there.

3. The kids & I pick up their toys before naptime and before bedtime no matter what. The "adult" part of the house is thus always free from toys while the kids are asleep.

4. We take a walk as a family as many nights a week as we can. This isn't part of any "program", it's just something we do that we love.

5. Dave & I almost never fight. We disagree and we argue sometimes, but we've never had an argument that lasted overnight and we've always "finished" the fight. We don't table the argument to bring it up later.

6. I pretty much smother my kids with hugs and kisses and snuggles, even when they are being absolute pains and I think I'm going crazy. They may think Mom is an anxietal nutjob, but they'll never doubt how much I love them. :)

7. I am aware of it when I get too anxious and when I'm getting to run down. I always take time to relax and then I get back on the horse and try to refine my system.

8. I wear actual clothes every day. This may seem weird, but it is SO easy as a housewife to wear your pajamas until you simply must leave the house. Thankfully, I've never gotten into that habit and I put on real live clothes as soon as I wake up, even if it's just jeans and a tshirt. (Of course, right now I'm basically in my pj's, but that's because I'm washing every pair of pants right now. No, seriously!)

9. I pick up the house everynight before I go to bed, so that when I wake up it feels like a fresh slate.

10. I spill my guts to a good amount of strangers each time I blog in the hope that everyone will have something to relate to and something to laugh at.

Now that is what works for me this week. A list of things I'm doing right without trying. Everyone should make a list right now (go ahead, do it, I'll wait). It's so easy to focus on all the things that we are doing wrong and miss out on the things that we do really well without even thinking about it. Certainly, we should always be trying to improve ourselves, but you can go so far out there that you forget that you already do alot.

Anyways, I promise the next post will be something funnier than these last ones, maybe something diaper related? Poops & Pees are always good for a laugh.

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penguinsandladybugs said...

You are doing so many great things!!! More than me, for sure!! It is a good idea to have a list like this!

Cynthia said...

Oh, dear kiddo... I think most of my character traits have spilled over. :) I read your list and just chuckled. I just such a list on my 'frig to help me keep my head on straight! LOL. Great minds certainly do think alike. There is something theraputic about writing and hoping that others will relate to your experiences and in some way be encouraged. (wink) You are a good egg, you know that? Love ya. Mom

Sara Kay said...

Just found your blog today, though Flo Oakes. Mind if I hang around? :)

Sara Kay said...

Whoops, found you through Kyla. Sorry...forgot where I came from. :)