Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Thank You, Thank You Very Much

I've been given an award by a perfectly fabulous friend of mine, Linda.

Here it is, isn't it beautiful??

The stipulation to recieving this award, is that you then pass this award to five other Rockin' Girl Bloggers. So, in no particular order, I nominate:

1. My Mom, of Observations By The Queen, because she rocks, of course.

2. Cheryl, of Somewhere In Between, because she has started to update again. I mean, good grief, it's not like she had a transatlantic move or anything.

3. Sarah, of It's News To Me, because she's a news beast of epic proportions.

4. TDawg, aka Tiffany, of I Sat On Amy Tan's Dog, because she's bringing rad back.

5. Kyla, of Raindrops On Roses, because she's upped her blogging game and now updates all the time.

So there you go, pass the torch friends!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eureka & Pizza!

Have I mentioned how awesome Tuesdays are? I know that normally Tuesday gets overlooked as it's not really the beginning of the week, it's not the middle and it's certainly not the end. It's just there, not being very special.

Except in our house.

In our house, Tuesdays rule. Tuesday is the day to look forward to, it's the day to anticipate and it's what makes the week go by faster. In our house, Tuesday is Date Night.

If it were a more feasible option, I would shout the benefits of Date Nights from every rooftop. In our marriage they are absolutely key to keeping the balance between Daddy & Mommy and Dave & Kristen. It gets easier and easier to see yourselves more as parents and less as partners as the years get on. However, I've always heard that you should keep your marriage healthy and at top priority, even over your children, because after the kids leave (and they will), you don't want to be left with a stranger with whom you have nothing in common besides shared experiences. And I certainly don't want to ever lose the awesome "pal-ness" that Dave & I have.

The frustrating part of this is that Date Nights are hard to come by for most parents, especially as you add to your brood. Babysitters get pretty expensive, sometimes more than your actual date, and the hassle of leaving your children and explaining their patterns and neuroses to another person and ensuring you don't get called a jillion times sometimes trumps the joy of getting away. Even with family in town it's difficult. While you know they enjoy their time with your kids, you don't want to call them so often that it stops being fun and starts feeling like an imposition. And then there is the expense of whatever it is that you choose to do. Add up a movie, dinner and babysitting and you get a cost that most families can't afford too often. That's when you start hearing about couples who haven't been out together alone in years. It's not that they don't want to, it's that getting it to happen just isn't an option.

Enter in the At Home Date Night.

As Dave & I are the parents of two tinier children, these Date Nights work out perfectly. We feed the kids early and then ship them off to bed an hour earlier than normal. Little David goes easy, and Tot usually opts to watch a short movie in her room. Then we fire up the oven and toss in our Frozen Pizza. Each week we try a new one, hopping between Tombstone, Red Baron & Freshetta (when we want something fancy :) ). We try new toppings each time and new crusts. It makes grocery shopping a little more fun and then we get to look at that pizza in our fridge and know that at some point this week, we will have alone time and some deliciously yummy food. Once the pizza is cooked (and we time this perfectly) and our cokes are poured, we sit in our favorite spots and settle in for our favorite show.

And for an entire evening, we eat great food, we watch great tv and we snuggle on the couch and enjoy eachother's company. Can you say perfection?? And can you believe we get to do this every week??

Now, obviously, this is a customizable date, so you aren't limited to our choices. When our show, Eureka, was off air, Dave and I would sometimes play board games, or watch our favorite episodes of Friends, or rent a movie that we'd never gotten around to seeing in the theater. My favorite nights are when one of us would secretly pull 5 movies out from our cabinet that we thought the other would enjoy and then stick them in the player. Then we'd tell the other person to pick a number 1 - 5 and whatever number they picked was the movie we'd watch. Suprise, intrigue, and laughter all in one :)

So here is my challenge for all of you this week: Make yourselves a Date Night. It can be with your husband, your wife, your friends, or yourself. Just pick a night and make it an event. Pick your favorite easy food (and seriously, Frozen Pizzas are like $3, totally budget friendly), and pick an activity that you both find enjoyable and restful and hop to it!

I do expect you all to tell me your plans :)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Me & Tot McGee

Today Tot and I are experiencing a rare phenomenon. Mommy & Tot time. With the arrival of my little Tank, Mommy & Tot time has almost vanished. Which is seriously a shame. She is getting funnier every day and just growing up right before my eyes.

Just the other day we had a half hour (no, really) conversation about what she wanted for her birthday. It revolved around princesses (she prefers Cinderella & Sleeping "Dooty"), Dora the Explorer, cake, the color pink, the color purple, and her preferred guest list. We had this conversation while laying in the middle of the floor facing eachother, one night after both David's had gone to bed early. She looks at me and says:

"Mommy! I have idea!"

"What, sweetie?"

"You come to my birthday party!!"

Why thanks for the invite, Tot. I'll certainly make an appearance.

Which brings me to our Tot and Mommy time. Today we have a birthday party to attend for her friend Gavin. We'll be going to a way cool outdoors store and having quite the manly party. The two Davids won't be attending, as they will be helping a friend move a china cabinet, with Little David doing most of the heavy lifting. He is a tank after all. They had to leave earlier, so that leaves Tot and I with a little bit of time on our hands before the party.

She is currently resting (read: jumping on the couch and watching cartoons while Mom takes a mental break), and will hopefully be in full form for the party.

I forget how much fun having one kid is, and sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to have waited longer to have our second. I wonder if I would have wanted a second one once we got to this stage. I mean, she can do so much, talk so much and is just a blast. She can hold my hand and walk places and chat with me the whole time about what we plan to do. And when you aren't dividing your attention between kids, she really isn't that hard to handle. It's the trying to manage two at the same time that makes each of them seem more difficult. However, if we would have waited, we wouldn't have our Little David, and I couldn't imagine my life without my little tank. I mean, the kid is precious. How would I live without those hugs???

But today, I'll enjoy a bit of time alone with my Totly. We may stop by a store on the way home and do some shopping. We'll look at toys, clothes, and shoes (she loves shoes). We'll chat about the party, talk about animals, maybe share a coke, and have a wonderful time. It will be such a nice change of pace from chasing after two kids who have two very different ideas of a good time :).

I have a feeling that the hardest part of today will be stopping her from attacking the pile of presents. Kid loves her some presents.

I don't know where she gets it.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Countdown To The Best Day In The Year Begins...

Yes, that's right. My BIRTHDAY!!!

September 4th rings in my 26th birthday and, as always, I'm totally geeked. I love my birthday, don't care how old I am (since I'm always younger than Dave, Scott & Cheryl), and I make no lies about not totally loving my presents.

I mean, seriously. Who doesn't want presents?? Why would you even pretend that you don't care?? It's not that I couldn't live without them, but if they are going to be there then I'm going to enjoy every square inch of wrapping paper, no matter what is underneath. It's not greedy to totally appreciate the loving thoughts that went into getting them. And it's not uncouth to try to pry out what people got you once they've mentioned that they have, indeed, gotten you something. And if everyone know's beforehand that you peek at any present left in a 100 ft. vicinity of you, then it's not sneaky. I don't snoop, persay, but if I happen to see a bag or a box that I think may contain my present, out there in the general openness, then maybe I'll scoot on over there to take a little peeky inside - you know, just to make sure that it's not harmful or anything.

In addition to my complete and total joy over any sort of present (seriously, even if you give me a McDonalds gift card I will adore you for eternity, but then I love McDonalds, so that's not saying much. Okay, even if you give me a can of beans, I will love you forever. That's more like it.), just the day itself I love.

Each year, Dave makes the day awesome. All day long he calls me Unsinkable, as in "Unsinkable, what would you like for lunch?" "Unsinkable, who was that on the phone?". It's awesome. He also makes it a point to smack the ever lovin' stink out of my behind once for every year I am. He never does it all at once, prefering to sneak up on me while I'm in Kohl's and whack my behind and yell out "13!", scarring me half to death, and then run away. Horribly embarrassing, but hilariously funny. Also, he takes me to Starbucks for my favorite drink, lets me pick where we eat, what we do, and takes over most of the childcare. Really, it's like I'm princess for the day. Which I am.

I also do as much as I can to make my birthday last more than just the one day. I plan to have the family party on another day, I order presents with early birthday money to arrive a few days around the actual day, and I put up the card I get from my awesome family all over the kitchen. This year, I already have two presents coming towards me in the mail that should arrive shortly before the Big Day. An amazing purse, courtesy of a gift card from Grandma Chapman (seriously can't wait, I already adore it), and some make up from Dave (he just let's me pick out my own gift, which I prefer). Squee!

And the best part of this coming birthday? My mom will be coming to visit the weekend before (re: THIS WEEKEND!!). We will be hanging out, going to Lake Tyler with Dave's family, meeting a friend at church on Sunday, and then relaxing the rest of the time until she goes back to KC. She'll get to play with the kiddos, we'll get to stay up forever late talking, I'll get her opinions on decorating my bathroom, and we'll make plans for upcoming holdiays.

Having spent all of my birthdays from 17 - 25 (except for two there in the middle) without my family, I'm exstatic to have my Mom be here. Birthday were always great growing up, and I've never felt like growing older was something to not look forward to. We always had great parties with friends, wonderful meals with all the extended family, no matter what age anyone was. My Dad and I share a birthday, so that has always made it extra special, and made us extra close. Although, I always did feel bad for him, because apparently after I got here he never got to pick the cake he wanted. I really, really, wanted Tot to share our birthday (because that would have been plain rad), but since that also would have made her a month premature, I understood when it didn't happen (although it almost did!). Instead, her birthday is just 11 days after mine, so as soon as my birthday circus ends, hers begins with a flourish of princess acoutrements and pink and purple crepe paper.

But that, friends, is another post.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thankful Thursday

1. I'm thankful that even though the sickness has passed to me, I seem to have gotten a lesser version. Seriously, seriously Thankful.

2. I'm thankful that at least we didn't spread it to the Spicers and their teeny Wesley. But we did spread it to the McFaddin's. I'm going to be prematurely thankful that I hope they forgive our Typhoid Mary family.

3. I'm thankful that I got all the laundry done yesterday so that's one less thing I have to do today.

4. I'm thankful for the world's best husband who took over caring for the sick kids late last night while I was sick and he didn't complain or grumble in the slightest even though he has to be up for work at 6am.

5. I'm thankful for a very wonderful restful evening last night, with dinner provided by an amazingly thoughtful friend (seriously, isn't that the greatest?), and David staying home from guitar practice to snuggle on the couch with me and eat ice cream.

6. I'm thankful that my mom will be here in a little over a week!!!

7. I'm thankful that the kids are eating well today (read: stuffing their faces with pancakes)after not eating at all yesterday.

8. I'm thankful that my birthday is in very few days. Which means shopping. Squee!

9. I'm thankful that the purse I ordered online should be here ANY DAY NOW!!

10. I'm thankful that God reminded me of all these things that are going well. It makes the day seem pretty great.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Well Fine Then.

You ask to be different and the Lord shows you how and you sit there and go "Well shoot. That's SO not what I was thinking."

Today has been a rough day. Tot has been up sick (read: puking her guts out) since 5am. Little David did the same thing yesterday, but not near so bad. So today I have spent cleaning the junk, washing the fajillion sheets and towels and blankets and clothes that have had the junk thrown on them, being clung on by two very needy and deserving children, giving medicine (ew...the worst kind, too), driving back and forth from the Dr's office and the pharmacy, and hearing my poor Tot toss her stuff every thirty minutes (including twice in the car and at the dr's office). Like I said, it's been a rough day.

Well, simultaneously, Dave has also had a rough day at work.

Obviously, I call him periodically to let him know what's going on with the kids, and we share about our days and what's been going on.

He starts telling me how his day has been, and what has made it so frustrating and irritating. He talks to me like he always does, like we always do, because getting it out makes it feel a little better.

But then I unconsciously screw it all up.

Subtly (or most likely not since I am about as subtle as a snare drum), I let him know that my day was also really bad.

No, seriously, really bad.

I know, I know, your day was bad. I'm so sorry you have to deal that at work. Yes, of course, you sound insanely busy. I can't believe you have to do all of that.

But really, my day was horrible. Did I tell you about the vomit? Surely, I told you about having to clean it up. Did I mention the 4 loads of laundry?

Yes, Yes, so sorry your day was bad. I can't believe that client did that. I can't believe you have to do all of that extra work. I hope you don't have to work late.

But no seriously, mine was horrible. I told you about the Dr's visit right? And the puking in the car? And the pharmacy ordeal? Did I mention giving the medicine?? Oh by the way, can you bring me some pedialyte on your lunch break?

What do you mean you don't have time? Don't you realize how bad my day has been? Of course I can't do it any other way! There IS NO OTHER WAY!! (maybe an exaggeration)

(**Seriously, you wouldn't believe the snit I worked myself into**)

And I completely run over the poor guy and all I can think of is, Does he not realize how bad my day actually was?? Can he not understand that obviously my bad day trumps his bad day and how very right I am and how very wrong he is? And why hasn't he dropped everything to HELP ME? WHY WON'T HE GET THE PEDIALYTE???

Then a few hours later, while I am cooling down (after realizing I didn't need the pedialyte in the first place, and feeling a little sheepish for throwing such a fit) I'm checking a message board of a Christian Home Keepers website. There was a post asking how we spent our evenings, and a friend of mine responded that as soon as her husband gets home, she and her girls wait on him hand and foot. She said it's her way of letting him know she appreciates the work he's done all day, and that she respects him, and that it teaches her girls how to be servant minded and not always self mined.

Well, fine then.

And then it hit me. This is one way that the Lord wants me to be different.

Our society has done a major flip flop regarding how it views women who stay at home with their children. We have gone from almost every woman staying at home, with society viewing that as the only right way and assuming that every woman found this easy and appealing (and most women never correcting that assumption), to a society that has an empowered female population that never hesitates to tell you exactly how bad they have it and regardless of whether or not they chose to stay at home, they still want you to know every single detail about their hardships and to shake your head at them while saying "I don't know how she does it." Now, realistically, there are just as many women who tell you how great everything is and pretend that there is nothing hard about it, but in my moment of self realization, I saw that I have been quickly approaching the Martyr in this story.

Sure, my day was bad. But does my bad day negate the fact that my husbands day was just as bad for him? Does my being frustrated mean that he should drop everything and make my entire world correct once more? Does my poor attitude mean that he should then take my bad day, make it as his own, and try to then fix both of our days while simultaneously working every second to provide for our family? And does the fact that I had bad day mean that I no longer have to be a listening ear, no longer have to be polite, no longer have to be sympathetic? Does it mean that I can shirk all of my responsibilities and normal joys as a wife?

Yeah, you can say God put it on my heart just a smidge that I was being unreasonable.

So here I sit, telling you all of this so that you would know that I don't think this different thing is going to be some majestic plan like I'd hoped. I think it's going to be a few smaller steps, and a little better ability to look at my actions and be honest about them. I am not going to turn into the ideal housewife (or christian) overnight, and I'll probably still pout about my "job" every now and then (probably more now than then), but I am slowly seeing the things that need to be changed.

I am certainly going to be changing the way I treat David when I've had a bad day. And that's a start.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Good Morning,, Chicago!

Okay so, the Friday before I left for Chicago, Scott, Cheryl, David & I all went to see Hairspray. We had intended on seeing Bourne Ultimatum, or Rush Hour 3, or really anything else, but they were either sold out, at bad times, or not working with our free passes. So against the fervent wishes of Scott & David we saw Hairspray. The very first musical number is "Good Morning Baltimore", a song I couldn't get out of my head for the next 5 days. And as such, I greeted Chicago everyday with Good Morning, Baltimore. My fellow travelers tried to get me to switch it to sing Good Morning, Chicago, but it never stuck.

Anyways, we had a wonderful time picking up Laura Beth at the airport and then twirling around the city for the next day and a half. We saw Blue Man Group, did a LOT of shopping (H&M! Squee!), and then went to Navy Pier and the Art Institute. We stayed in the most awesome hotel, ate fabulous pizza, and had a generally fabulous time.

Here's the proof:

Here are the five of us in front of our super insanely great hotel.

Molly, Jennifer, Laura Beth, Neina, and of course, The Unsinkable herself rocking her favorite shirt.

Molly, Me, & Jennifer on the bridge on Michigan Ave. after a long morning of shopping

On Navy pier. Seriously, does it not look like I'm on the Island of Lilliput?!?

LB, Me & Molly on the Ferris Wheel. I'm genius at taking my own pictures.

My current infatuation with McDonalds only grew on the trip. I had it every day (not even kidding) and even snuck it onto the ferris wheel in my bag, along with a chocolate shake. I'm a tricky little hobbit.


(Please tell me you can tell my bumbled Captain Morgan stance)

All in all the Chapman women had a great trip with our friends.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Challenge?? You Shouldn't Have!

Yes friends, you read that right. The Unsinkable is starting a new challenge!

It's been awhile since I had a challenge or an extravaganza and I decided that there was no better way to kick off this new season of blogging than with something to strengthen my soul. I've been spending some time reading a great book by Priscilla Shirer called "He Speaks To Me: Preparing To Hear From God". It's an incredible book filled with a lot of Bible, a lot of common sense, and a lot of pride knocking reminders. It is this book that has inspired my newest challenge.

In what can only be called a perfectly orchestrated series of events, this seems to be the best time for me to get back to basics. The Fall bible studies are beginning at church, and I will be participating in a BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) class. This is a very involved study that really makes you dig deep in the Word. Each day you have a lesson where you read your bible and you really dig. You are asked not to use commentaries, but to look up words in Greek/English dictionaries, to pray, to think and to study so as to pull your own conclusions from the Word. Then you meet once a week to talk with others about what you learned and hear what they learned. It's very simple, very basic. Perfection.

Next in my series of events is something that technically started earlier than just now. Our church recently hired a new minister and let me just say - Awesome. In recent years it has become more and more popular to favor pratical application in Sunday morning sermons. While I understand the usefulness behind this, it leaves the worshipper with lots of good ideas and very little time in the Bible. And yes, it is equally detrimental to spend all of your time digging through the bible and never applying it to your life, but I just don't see a lot of that in my day to day life. Which brings me to our new minister. The man preaches it. I mean, PREACHES it. He starts in a passage and he works you through it, to where at the end of the lesson (and it is indeed a lesson) you feel as if you have learned more about God's intentions and you have something to change in your life, as well. I have so very much enjoyed it. And seriously, we've been searching for a minister for two years, it is no coincidence that this man is here at this time.

The last in this series, is that this is really just the perfect time for me to sit on the hill and listen. In two weeks (hmm...maybe three), Tot will be going back to preschool. I will be left with two days a week in which I only have one child and some extra time on my hands. Additionally, the kids are napping better than ever (or at least resting), and I have a good two hours in the afternoon. You see friends, what I am trying to tell you is this: The calm in the storm of motherhood has hit me. There is still a storm going no doubt (just wait until I post about having to read "The Strong Willed Child" & "Dare to Discipline"), but I have firm preaching from the pulpit to listen to, I have a strong Bible driven bible study to attend, and I have time each day to actually spend time with the Lord.

Can you say God given?

So that brings me to my challenge. I'm not going to challenge myself to read my bible every day or to pray a certain number of times or whatever. This is going to be a little different and maybe a little more vague.

I'm going to challenge myself to be different in a month.

I'm not sure how yet, and I'm not sure where the change will come. But I'm going to be listening to the Lord daily, and one can't do that and not change something.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bad Blogger! Bad, Bad, Blogger!

Because I'm just in a total blogging funk (I know, who could tell? It's not like I haven't totally skimped on the postings lately or anything), I've decided that I'm going to take an official blogging vacation.

In every bloggers life, there comes a time where you just don't feel the creativity flowing, the juices aren't juicing, and even though there is a wealth of material abounding in my little world, I'm just not feeling it.

So, I will not be blogging until August 20.

I KNOW! It's basically forever, but in that time period I will be preparing for a trip, being on a trip, being the lone grownup in charge while David is on a business trip (sigh. I hate those things.), and then getting our family ready for the whirlwind of weekends we have ahead of us.

So, while the odds are pretty good that I will blog before then (I mean, really, when have I ever been able to stay away from you?!), I'm giving myself permission to take a break and feel no guilt that I'm leaving you in a cold, cold world without your very own Unsinkable.

Until then, take a look at my Blogroll and read through them. They aren't too shabby if I do say so myself, and I do (you knew I would).

Goodbye, my little cabbages. I'll see you in a week and a half!

Monday, August 06, 2007

The Incredible Climbing Tank

So I have been terribly remiss in talking about the kids these days. So here you go, an entire post about my darling little boy. My mom decided that we should call him Tank because he's built like, well, a tank.

As of a few days ago, my Little David hit the 30 pound mark. My arms are like rocks from carrying him around all day because in addition to being huge he is also a Mama's Boy. He can walk all around the house and is doing so with gusto most of the time (a feat that I will prove later with video), but he much prefers to be carried around by me many days. Unfortunately, today is one of those days. He is cutting three teeth, and so he has a gnarly diaper rash, a fever, a runny nose, and a generally grumpy and helpless disposition. Therefore, I am typing this in thirty second intervals and probably losing my train of thought often. My bad.

Aside from the walking, my Little David has also decided his future profession. I know, I know, it's still relatively early for career training, but then he's an advanced sort of kid. I have this inkling that he will be either a mountaineer, a cat burglar, or a tree loving hippy. You see, he has begun climbing my furniture. And not just the normal kitchen chair and box fare that most kids do. No no, my child has brought it to new heights. For your viewing pleasure, I bring you The Incredible Climbing Tank.

He leaps window sills in single bounds.

He conquers couches with the greatest of ease.

Benches are but molehills to him.

Lazyboy?? HA! I laugh in the face of your Lazyboy!

Quite so, my boy. Quite so.

Friday, August 03, 2007

An Insanely Long List Of Things You Probably Didn't Want To Know About Me

My friend, Kyla, tagged me on this list. It's a list of 100 things about me, and I have to tell you, I'm a little unsure if I can think of 100 things about myself that are not only interesting, but that I'm okay with everyone on the planet knowing.

Here's hoping.

(By the way, if you don't want to read this, don't feel obligated by social pressure or by being my friend. I understand, it's a dang long list.)

1. My maiden name was Grile.

2. If I could have any plastic surgery (without paying for it, with no risk of dying or getting hurt, etc.) I would get a tummy tuck, a "top" lift and butt implants. I have no heiny and I'm tired of my pants falling down.

3. I have one brother and two sisters in law.

4. I have 2 nieces and one nephew.

5. Dave & I both have an Aunt Cheryl.

6. Our aunts and uncles all have alliterative names: Dana, Darren, Don, Doug, Darryl, Cheryl, Cheryl, Susan & Steve.

7. Most of the rest of our family does, too: Don (Sr), Don (III), David (Sr), David (Jr), David (III), Doug (Jr), Dean, Sarah, Cynthia, Sierra, Karen, Kristen, Colleen, and some other cousins from Dave's side that I don't remember.

8. I bite my nails.

9. I have spent part of every year from 2003 - 2006 pregnant.

10. I am thinking that I'm going to cut my hair even shorter.

11. I'm going to Chicago in a week!

12. I have 11 first cousins, and I'm the oldest on both sides.

13. I was born on September 4, 1981

14. My dad and I have the same birthday.

15. I was hoping Tot would, too, but hers is September 15.

16. My parents almost named me Courtney. Can anyone even imagine that?

17. I have short, stubby toes.

18. I have a long neck that once won a relay race for me at a junior high lock in.

19. I am a compulsive bedspread changer.

20. I love to organize and do so often.

21. My pantry has labels in it.

22. So do some of my cabinets.

23. I adore my home, it has wood paneling in the living room.

24. I like to decorate, but I'm not very good at it.

25. I majored in History and minored in Political Science.

26. My favorite class was Western Political Thought with Dr Mark Elrod

27. I love to file things.

28. I hate to cook when I am rushed.

29. I love to cook when I have time to experiment.

30. I baked cookies almost nightly for the first year of our marriage.

31. I gained 15 pounds the first year of our marriage.

32. My favorite kitchen appliance is my Kitchen Aid mixer.

33. I was baptized on August 15, 1995.

34. I have lived in seven states (Indiana, Arkansas, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee & Texas).

35. I've been married to the most delightfully good looking man for over 5 years.

36. We plan to get matching tattoos.

37. I have my nose pierced.

38. And yes, blowing my nose is problematic.

39. I collect things with my name on them.

40. I love to read and have read over 20 books in a week once.

41. If you talk to me while I'm reading I won't hear you.

42. My favorite color is green and it is almost every room of our house.

43. I love to go on walks with my family.

44. My first date with David was on a motorcycle.

45. My first real date with David we saw fireworks.

46. I still love to color.

47. Dave & I have three pairs of matching flip flops, countless pairs of matching shirts, and I try to match him when he's not looking to irritate him. Strong.

48. My second favorite color is pink, which must have just happened lately because I used to hate it.

49. I was on the debate team in high school.

50. I started college at 16.

51. I am the most non athletic person you can imagine.

52. I bruise easily.

53. I can quote from Friends like a beast.

54. I live TV way too much.

55. My middle name is Dawn.

56. My mom and I have the same middle name, and Tot has it, too.

57. I still laugh at potty humour.

58. On Monday I changed 10 dirty diapers.

59. I buy chick flicks on VHS so I can buy more of them.

60. I go through periods of being addicted to Ebay.

61. I love "your mom" jokes.

62. I can not drink more than half of a wine cooler without my cheeks flaming red and getting really tired. It's pathetic.

63. Therefore, I almost never drink alcohol.

64. I love cigars. Dave loves them more.

65. I am a Daughter of the Republic of Texas. Seriously. Also, A Daughter of the Confederacy and a Daughter of the American Revolution (My Grandmama is HUGE into genealogy).

66. I can trace (er, my grandmama can trace) our family tree back to 868 A.D. No lie.

67. When Dave & I have grandchildren we want to be called Peaches & Poppy.

68. I love cake.

69. When I was pregnant with Little David I ate a Hershey's big bar (the half pound kind) almost every night. Every other night I had a frosty. I only gained 19 pounds with him and I wish that kind of magic still worked.

70. With Tot I craved Hot Wings and gained 40 pounds. Go figure.

71. I am a connesiur of frozen pizzas.

72. I love to window shop.

73. I have recently learned to love clothes shopping.

74. I am surprised at how hard this is.

75. I love new school supplies.

76. I also love new make up.

77. I have given birth both with and without an epidural.

78. I much prefer the epidural.

79. My favorite cd to relax to is Chris Rice's The Living Room Sessions. Instrumental versions of old hymns. Gorgeous.

80. The next place I want to go on vacation is Mackinac Island, Michigan.

81. It's a 20+ hour drive so I don't think Dave is going to go for it.

82. Dave & I plan to take the kids to Disney World when Little David is 5.

83. Dave & I also plan on going to South America for our 10th anniversary.

84. These trips coincide and I'm not sure how we're going to work that out.

85. I love high heels.

86. I fall in them, though.

87. My favorite verse is "For God did not create in us a spirit of timidity, but one of Love, Power & Self Discipline." 2 Tim. 1:7

88. I am a FlyBaby.

89. I always thought it would be neat to be Amish.

90. But I like the Internet too much.

91. I am more like my Mom every day.

92. It's not a bad thing.

93. It kind of freaks out Dave, though.

94. I have a freakish love for McDonald's, no matter how bad it is for me.

95. I have recently become a very uninformed bird watcher.

96. I kept daily journals from about 6th grade until my freshman year of college. They are exquisitely embarrassing.

97. Dave's & my dream house includes a double decker wrap around porch, lots of land, and a walking trail nearby.

98. I wear one sock during the day because one of my feet is super dry. I call him Trolly.

99. When I was pregnant the other foot swoll up and I called it Swolly.

100. Now that I am done, I think that I will go to Starbucks and get a Peppermint Java Chip Frappachino. My favorite.

I tag Sarah (who's already done it), Cheryl, Tiffany, Mom, & April.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cheating & Self Promoting

So this really isn't a real post, it's a cheat post. I just wanted to let my readership know that I am now a contributing poster to the blog:

This blog is headed by one Nathan McIntyre and consists of many different authors posting about a wide variety of issues. If you'd like to come on over and check us out, we'd be delighted. It is a dramatically different forum than I have here, with topics ranging from taxes, presidential candidates, breastfeeding, and dog shooters. And that's just the past few days. I haven't made my posting debut there, but I intend to relatively soon.

Anyways, come on over and check it out for a change of pace. And before you know it (as in, I'm totally in a blogging funk and I'm working on it) I'll be posting something new here.