Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cheating & Self Promoting

So this really isn't a real post, it's a cheat post. I just wanted to let my readership know that I am now a contributing poster to the blog:

This blog is headed by one Nathan McIntyre and consists of many different authors posting about a wide variety of issues. If you'd like to come on over and check us out, we'd be delighted. It is a dramatically different forum than I have here, with topics ranging from taxes, presidential candidates, breastfeeding, and dog shooters. And that's just the past few days. I haven't made my posting debut there, but I intend to relatively soon.

Anyways, come on over and check it out for a change of pace. And before you know it (as in, I'm totally in a blogging funk and I'm working on it) I'll be posting something new here.


1 comment:

The Aubrinator said...

I love that blog! It is really good. I think it is cool you're a contributor.