Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Countdown To The Best Day In The Year Begins...

Yes, that's right. My BIRTHDAY!!!

September 4th rings in my 26th birthday and, as always, I'm totally geeked. I love my birthday, don't care how old I am (since I'm always younger than Dave, Scott & Cheryl), and I make no lies about not totally loving my presents.

I mean, seriously. Who doesn't want presents?? Why would you even pretend that you don't care?? It's not that I couldn't live without them, but if they are going to be there then I'm going to enjoy every square inch of wrapping paper, no matter what is underneath. It's not greedy to totally appreciate the loving thoughts that went into getting them. And it's not uncouth to try to pry out what people got you once they've mentioned that they have, indeed, gotten you something. And if everyone know's beforehand that you peek at any present left in a 100 ft. vicinity of you, then it's not sneaky. I don't snoop, persay, but if I happen to see a bag or a box that I think may contain my present, out there in the general openness, then maybe I'll scoot on over there to take a little peeky inside - you know, just to make sure that it's not harmful or anything.

In addition to my complete and total joy over any sort of present (seriously, even if you give me a McDonalds gift card I will adore you for eternity, but then I love McDonalds, so that's not saying much. Okay, even if you give me a can of beans, I will love you forever. That's more like it.), just the day itself I love.

Each year, Dave makes the day awesome. All day long he calls me Unsinkable, as in "Unsinkable, what would you like for lunch?" "Unsinkable, who was that on the phone?". It's awesome. He also makes it a point to smack the ever lovin' stink out of my behind once for every year I am. He never does it all at once, prefering to sneak up on me while I'm in Kohl's and whack my behind and yell out "13!", scarring me half to death, and then run away. Horribly embarrassing, but hilariously funny. Also, he takes me to Starbucks for my favorite drink, lets me pick where we eat, what we do, and takes over most of the childcare. Really, it's like I'm princess for the day. Which I am.

I also do as much as I can to make my birthday last more than just the one day. I plan to have the family party on another day, I order presents with early birthday money to arrive a few days around the actual day, and I put up the card I get from my awesome family all over the kitchen. This year, I already have two presents coming towards me in the mail that should arrive shortly before the Big Day. An amazing purse, courtesy of a gift card from Grandma Chapman (seriously can't wait, I already adore it), and some make up from Dave (he just let's me pick out my own gift, which I prefer). Squee!

And the best part of this coming birthday? My mom will be coming to visit the weekend before (re: THIS WEEKEND!!). We will be hanging out, going to Lake Tyler with Dave's family, meeting a friend at church on Sunday, and then relaxing the rest of the time until she goes back to KC. She'll get to play with the kiddos, we'll get to stay up forever late talking, I'll get her opinions on decorating my bathroom, and we'll make plans for upcoming holdiays.

Having spent all of my birthdays from 17 - 25 (except for two there in the middle) without my family, I'm exstatic to have my Mom be here. Birthday were always great growing up, and I've never felt like growing older was something to not look forward to. We always had great parties with friends, wonderful meals with all the extended family, no matter what age anyone was. My Dad and I share a birthday, so that has always made it extra special, and made us extra close. Although, I always did feel bad for him, because apparently after I got here he never got to pick the cake he wanted. I really, really, wanted Tot to share our birthday (because that would have been plain rad), but since that also would have made her a month premature, I understood when it didn't happen (although it almost did!). Instead, her birthday is just 11 days after mine, so as soon as my birthday circus ends, hers begins with a flourish of princess acoutrements and pink and purple crepe paper.

But that, friends, is another post.

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