Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eureka & Pizza!

Have I mentioned how awesome Tuesdays are? I know that normally Tuesday gets overlooked as it's not really the beginning of the week, it's not the middle and it's certainly not the end. It's just there, not being very special.

Except in our house.

In our house, Tuesdays rule. Tuesday is the day to look forward to, it's the day to anticipate and it's what makes the week go by faster. In our house, Tuesday is Date Night.

If it were a more feasible option, I would shout the benefits of Date Nights from every rooftop. In our marriage they are absolutely key to keeping the balance between Daddy & Mommy and Dave & Kristen. It gets easier and easier to see yourselves more as parents and less as partners as the years get on. However, I've always heard that you should keep your marriage healthy and at top priority, even over your children, because after the kids leave (and they will), you don't want to be left with a stranger with whom you have nothing in common besides shared experiences. And I certainly don't want to ever lose the awesome "pal-ness" that Dave & I have.

The frustrating part of this is that Date Nights are hard to come by for most parents, especially as you add to your brood. Babysitters get pretty expensive, sometimes more than your actual date, and the hassle of leaving your children and explaining their patterns and neuroses to another person and ensuring you don't get called a jillion times sometimes trumps the joy of getting away. Even with family in town it's difficult. While you know they enjoy their time with your kids, you don't want to call them so often that it stops being fun and starts feeling like an imposition. And then there is the expense of whatever it is that you choose to do. Add up a movie, dinner and babysitting and you get a cost that most families can't afford too often. That's when you start hearing about couples who haven't been out together alone in years. It's not that they don't want to, it's that getting it to happen just isn't an option.

Enter in the At Home Date Night.

As Dave & I are the parents of two tinier children, these Date Nights work out perfectly. We feed the kids early and then ship them off to bed an hour earlier than normal. Little David goes easy, and Tot usually opts to watch a short movie in her room. Then we fire up the oven and toss in our Frozen Pizza. Each week we try a new one, hopping between Tombstone, Red Baron & Freshetta (when we want something fancy :) ). We try new toppings each time and new crusts. It makes grocery shopping a little more fun and then we get to look at that pizza in our fridge and know that at some point this week, we will have alone time and some deliciously yummy food. Once the pizza is cooked (and we time this perfectly) and our cokes are poured, we sit in our favorite spots and settle in for our favorite show.

And for an entire evening, we eat great food, we watch great tv and we snuggle on the couch and enjoy eachother's company. Can you say perfection?? And can you believe we get to do this every week??

Now, obviously, this is a customizable date, so you aren't limited to our choices. When our show, Eureka, was off air, Dave and I would sometimes play board games, or watch our favorite episodes of Friends, or rent a movie that we'd never gotten around to seeing in the theater. My favorite nights are when one of us would secretly pull 5 movies out from our cabinet that we thought the other would enjoy and then stick them in the player. Then we'd tell the other person to pick a number 1 - 5 and whatever number they picked was the movie we'd watch. Suprise, intrigue, and laughter all in one :)

So here is my challenge for all of you this week: Make yourselves a Date Night. It can be with your husband, your wife, your friends, or yourself. Just pick a night and make it an event. Pick your favorite easy food (and seriously, Frozen Pizzas are like $3, totally budget friendly), and pick an activity that you both find enjoyable and restful and hop to it!

I do expect you all to tell me your plans :)


Classic MaMa said...

:) Happily, my Not-So-Classic Husband and I have many date nights similar to yours. We try for it, at least two or three times a week. While we don't pop in a pizza, we do snack while we enjoy our favorite show or the lastest movie from Netflix sitting on the table.

It's refreshing after a day of being "Mama" and "Dada" to be our Classic selves and enjoy each other's company all because we observe regular betimes for our little people. So, huzzah! Have a wonderful date with your husband tonight.

The Aubrinator said...

We do this! We do a mini date night every Thursday night--John gets home from choir, we have pretzal-fills--(hot pretzals filled with spicy cheese) and watch My Name is Earl and the Office. Saturday nights we make homemade pizza or tacos or other fun "restaruant" type food and watch a DVD. And during football season, we make super special football food or order Chinese and Scream for the Redskins!

Emily said...

Hi, I'm a lurker...my husband and I have a 6 month old (Monkey) and I think that this sounds like a great idea. We've been talking about making Wed. nights "date night" and now I think I'm going to implement it. We always love a good frozen pizza and we have plenty of our favorite shows to watch. We can't wait for the fall line up to start. I enjoy reading your blog!