Monday, August 06, 2007

The Incredible Climbing Tank

So I have been terribly remiss in talking about the kids these days. So here you go, an entire post about my darling little boy. My mom decided that we should call him Tank because he's built like, well, a tank.

As of a few days ago, my Little David hit the 30 pound mark. My arms are like rocks from carrying him around all day because in addition to being huge he is also a Mama's Boy. He can walk all around the house and is doing so with gusto most of the time (a feat that I will prove later with video), but he much prefers to be carried around by me many days. Unfortunately, today is one of those days. He is cutting three teeth, and so he has a gnarly diaper rash, a fever, a runny nose, and a generally grumpy and helpless disposition. Therefore, I am typing this in thirty second intervals and probably losing my train of thought often. My bad.

Aside from the walking, my Little David has also decided his future profession. I know, I know, it's still relatively early for career training, but then he's an advanced sort of kid. I have this inkling that he will be either a mountaineer, a cat burglar, or a tree loving hippy. You see, he has begun climbing my furniture. And not just the normal kitchen chair and box fare that most kids do. No no, my child has brought it to new heights. For your viewing pleasure, I bring you The Incredible Climbing Tank.

He leaps window sills in single bounds.

He conquers couches with the greatest of ease.

Benches are but molehills to him.

Lazyboy?? HA! I laugh in the face of your Lazyboy!

Quite so, my boy. Quite so.


Maude said...

What a cutie!

Kristen, after reading of your love for "Eureka," my husband and I rented the first season. We've watched the first two episodes and are intrigued. Thanks for the suggestion!

Robin said...

I absolutely love it when you blog about the kids! It is my way of watching our kids "grow up together!" Peyton was always a climber, but Gavin just started. He has scaled his crib! Uh oh! We changed cribs and are possibly looking at toddler beds...I am not ready!
I am actually updating my blog now, so check it out!
Love ya

Nicole McIntyre said...

Sigh, I'm afraid this is where we are headed. Right now Braedon has totally mastered climbing on boxes that I let him play with and the all important parent climbing. You can see him sit and try to find something to put his foot on so he can climb higher...I'm thinking of figuring out a way to rig a parachute on him when the time comes.

Jennifer said...

I feel your pain. I've got one of those too!